They've been Boozenwaxed!

Well I have submitted my short script to The Screenwriting Expo’s competition. October first seems so far away. =(

I decided against submitting a feature this year because I am not happy with the changes yet. I feel that submitting it to the same competion without significant change is a waste time and money. So in the meantime I will immerse myself in re-reading this book
The Writers Journey
The Writers Journey

And doll making. This picture actually says a lot about how I feel about the whole process.
Decapitated Doll & severed limbs

Like my head is missing. At least the script writing went well. Back to the drawing board.


Crafty meet-up!

The Bed Stuy Craft Group had it’s first meeting yesterday. I met a lot of great people and hung out in a great little cafe, Tiny Cup, whose owner was very welcoming and gracious. My co-organizer Olivia was just as fun in person and the giveaway bags I put together were a hit. We talked about the possibility of splitting booth rental fees at future craft fairs and business ideas and resources. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I can’t wait until Sunday to do it all again.

To see more photos click here.

For those who are wondering, the hot stone massage was fan-effing-tastic! It was the most relaxing 45 minutes ever. The only thing that could have made it better was a change in weather. It was boiling outside Saturday! But even that could not dampen the experience. Fantastic! The masseuse told me that I had a lot of tension in my shoulders. It could be all the hours I have spent at the sewing machine getting ready for my debut at The Brooklyn Indie Market. I will have a table/booth there on September 9th. I am excited and nervous.
Brooklyn Indie Market
If it goes well I think I will apply again as the market is there until December. I have a good feeling about it, I even made my first Etsy sale recently. Fingers and toes crossed.

I have to say all in all it was a really great weekend.

Hot Stone Massage

Today is the day that I use my last graduation gift. My cousin and his girlfriend gave me a gift certificate to get hot stone massage at the Red and White Spa. I was already a little nervous about this as I have never had any sort of professional spa treatment before. Well now I am really nervous because I made the boneheaded mistake of looking up hot stone massage on flickr. This was boneheaded because several of these people got some serious hot stone burns on their bodies. Now I like a hot shower but even without experience I can gather that their is quite a bit of difference between hot water running over your body and hot ass stones sitting on it. But we shall see. I hope I float home relaxed instead of run home in pain. Wish me luck!

Etsy Labs

I went to the Gocco glass at the Etsy Labs this week (Thursday) and I had a great time. The space is so inviting and just plain cool. It was both a learning experience and a great time learning how to use a Gocco machine. Julie the instructor was very nice and gave us lots of tips on how to use gocco stamped images.

This is my sample from the class.
Ebony Butterfly Gocco flyers
Seeing this wall in person was inspiring. Etsy sellers are truly artists, I had ideas on what to contribute but I was flung back to the drawing board by the fantastic stuff already up.

Etsy Lab wall

Etsy Lab wall

It’s safe to say that I am addicted to gocco now. I have all sorts of ideas for the images you can create with it. I see a lot of Etsy Labs in my future.

The one about the bandana

I forgot that I made something else while the kiddies were away. A drawstring bag using Yarnmonster’s tutorial. Which is really easy to follow BTW.
Drawstring using Yarnmonster's Tute

My bead closure is a little unsuccessful however. I had another go at making this bag this morning after I got my limited edition Etsy Labs bandana out of the mailbox!

Bandana before I hacked into it. Etsy labs bandana

And after Etsy labs bandana turned bag

With Wicked inside Etsy labs bandana turned bag

I used the lining fabric to make a bottom for the bag too. This bead closure was more successful due to a wide ribbon.
I think I like it.

Stitch & Pitch!

Want to see what the best thing about taking (dragging?) muggles with you to knitting events is: Stitch & Pitch Goodie bags!

You double your loot! You know theirs no way in hell that a knitter would part with her swag for you. The only down side to multiple loot bags would be this: Extras!!

I already had this issue of IK so now I have three. I also have a double of this Filatura Di Crosa mag. I did get different yarn, a Knit1 and two sets of needles though. I meet Lily Chin, she actually called after my husband to give him this bag after she told him they were gone. She made him promise to learn to knit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This week also marks the first time in a long time that my husband and I went out together, without children, three days in a row. Mark this down on your calendars as I am sure that this wonโ€™t happen again anytime soon. We went to the seminar at the library and it was very informative. Daniel Saynt from Fashion Indie led it and he was fantastic and really funny. Due to the storm we had a journey getting to Stitch and Pitch. Then today I met him at work for lunch before retrieving the oldest two who were with my mother-in-law since Sunday(!). I nearly died, but I think we all needed some space. They had someone to fawn over them without having to stop and grab a baby or two, and I got to leave my sewing crap all over and not worry about someone sewing up their fingers. I made this bag:
KNIT. Tote
I also slept, and sat in the quiet for hours while the twins napped. They hung out with my mom while the hubby and I pretended to be dating again. They are so well behaved it’s almost like they aren’t there. Although they did coo and laugh more with their brother and sister gone. I think they knew they had me to themselves and could make all the noise they wanted and actually be heard ๐Ÿ™‚ But I think #1 daughter and #1 son are happy to be home.
#1 daughter and #1 son

Some happenings

So this is just about the coolest thing to happen to me since I started blogging:

That’s right folks I was nominated by Del of Cozy’s Place and I can’t stop smiling. ; ) I nominate:

An Abundance of Lisa, Tres Chic Veronique, Every words a purl, Yarnmonster, and Erica B. DIY Style

Another thing that brings a smile to my face:
Stitch and Pitch! I’m taking the lead Muggle (read: husband) with me, it’s sure to be an experience.

Also their is this happening at the business library in Brooklyn Heights. I know a lot of bloggers have etsy shops or have thought about having etsy shops or other online businesses and might like this info. The lead Muggle and I will also be attending this together.

And finally for those in Brooklyn, in Bed-stuy or looking to travel, I have been working in conjunction with the to organize a craft group. If you know someone in the area pass it along. If you’re interested in the details let me know and I’ll keep you posted.

I think that about covers- wait it doesn’t.

For those who don’t know Etsy is located right here in Brooklyn. They have a blog, and Labs, which have several classes. I plan to take the Gocco class next week as well as the screenprinting one later this month if cash and more importantly time allows.

Now I’m done. Overly linked post complete ๐Ÿ˜‰