Wow. This may be my fastest read yet. After an agonizing morning of waiting for a UPS truck that never came my mailman arrived at about 11 am, as I was gazing horror stricken out the window as yet another SUV rolled by*, and removed a box marked Harry Potter from his bag. I didn’t dare hope it was mine. It was! Approximately twelve hours later, DONE! I may have done it in ten if not for diaper changing, bottle feeding and general child care like eating and drinking 😉

I loved it. I’m still in shock, but I loved it. I’m even proud of myself for not crying as much as I was expecting. Well, off to clean up the mess I let the kids make as I read. I bet their glad I finished, I refused to turn on the TV for two days thinking every channel would someone be boasting spoilers across the bottom of the screen. I even had a nightmare that I found out the ending and that UPS tried to deliver my book and I missed it. I was actually sick to my stomach. I couldn’t eat and I am always hungry. But all is well now. Off to start the re-read. LOL

*To add serious insult to injury traffic was re-routed to my normally quiet street today, this included a bus route and several repair trucks, vans, and other large vehicles sounding like UPS trucks. I’m surprised I haven’t sprained my neck whipping around each time a vehicle came. Oh and we have a speed bump near our building so everything slowed down sounding like my UPS truck coming to a halt. AGONY.


3 thoughts on “DONE!!!

  1. I’m so glad you finished it, too! And I’m going to reread it again, but I’m letting my dd read it first. I did a super fast first read because I HAD TO KNOW, you know what I mean?? I thought this was the best book in the series. Unlike you, I cried a whole lot.

  2. same thing here! lazy post office got me the book at 5PM! ugh, i had all day to read because hubby was home and couldn’t. but i’m finished now! loved it!

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