Mason Dixon Knittin'

Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth
I requested this book from the library, I picked it up at about 5:30 today and I am nearly finished this dishcloth. I think this book has some kind of voodoo on it that makes people churn these things out. I can totally understand why I have read nothing but wonderful things about this book. The patterns are great AND it is sooo funny. Tough cotton yarn (stash!) on hard, cheap ass Boye metal needles. Tell me what beats that?!
EDIT 1:30pm: Done Dishcloth Done
Pattern: Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth
Yarn: Bernat cotton, two colors (blue also used on WT Tomten)
Needles: Boye, size 8
Time: Few hours
Loved: Immediately, now addicted to slip stitch color work, plans formulating to include it in everything.


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