Lion Brand Crochet Tunic

Although this may be one of the worse pictures I have ever taken of myself I love this Tunic(?).

Pattern: Crochet Tunic from Lion Brand
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus, Color Red (From the stash!)
Hook: Size I Susan Bates
Mods: Many unintentional ones actually, all stemming from impatience and misreading the pattern. The only intentional one was making the front lower than the back. I have issues with things feeling as if they are choking me.

Here’s a blurry standing shot.Lion Brand Crochet Tunic

It’s hard to get good pictures of myself when the only other person around during the day that can hold the camera is six years old. She is much to busy drawing pictures to actually do something for me 😉

I had so much to say about HP and the OOTP but Ms. One Scheme of Happiness did it so well there is no need. I am absolutely busting to read the last book. I am so grateful that I resisted reading the books for so long. It has been torture waiting for this last one, I don’t know how you all did this for the last six books. Be careful of the spoilers online I know I will. Happy reading everyone.

*The jury is still out on wether or not this is a Tunic. All’s I know is, I like it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tunic?*

  1. I’d been eyeing that project for a while now and it looks great on you and comfy… now where did I put my hook….lol

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