A modern Granny

Am I crazy for wanting to make this sweater?
Thoroughly Modern Granny  Jacket

I was thinking in these colors
Granny Jacket colors (click through to Flickr for yarn info)
and with a different collar maybe. So is this crazy or what?

I am off to see Henry Pott, as my grandma likes to call him, tonight rain be damned. I tried to finish re-reading the book before tonight but the demands of motherhood made that impossible. Hope you’re off to see it too!

PS I was stunned to find this story about Posh and Becks interesting, the photos aren’t bad either.


3 thoughts on “A modern Granny

  1. That cardi is so cute!! But are those crochet panels? I can’t crochet :-(I’m be seeing HP sometime soon…I couldn’t take opening night crowds, though.

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