I finished the front of this crochet tunic two days after first spotting the pattern in my email from Lion Brand. How is that for progress?
Crochet Tunic

Although mine will be a little less tunic-y. In my mind I kept getting an image of me from behind with the crocheted fabric stretched across my backside and figured it was better to shoot for a longish top rather than the tunic. Here are a few pics of the back piece in one of my favorite yarns, TLC Cotton plus.

Lion Brand Tunic front

Lion Brand Tunic front close up
I actually made an unintentional mod, I half-double crocheted when I should have single crocheted. Perhaps when I checked how to treble crochet I should have refreshed myself on all of the stitches.
And a picture of the Wonder Twins just because.
Wonder Twins


4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, that tunic is going to look fantastic! I actually like that your stitches are longer, it will make it airier and more summer-y. The wonder twins look very happy!

  2. Hilarious. I have that same vision every time I consider a knitted skirt/dress. It scares me so much, I have yet to make either.The Wonder Twins are so adorable!

  3. ooooooooooooooooooooooh…are these babies yours? wonderful, wonderful…glad i found your blog…brought a smile this eve. : )

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