Crashing the wagon

I more than fell off the wagon I crashed that son-of-a B! I was feeling blue and shopping was the cure. I had one last day of fun in the sun with my sister before she starts school and I was bad. But it felt so good 😉 Despite the guilt earned from splurging I’ve been having a great week. I have completed a third of my short script and had one idea dashed before I could waste time writing something that was about to debut on TV. I have also finished another in my new favorite series of books about a little girl named Sammy. I discovered Sammy when researching children and young adult books. Every “How to” book about writing for kids says to start by reading what’s out there already, so I have. Sammy has captured my heart. I love to read more about characters that I connect with so serials appeal to me. I highly recommend Sammy to you all.
I have knit about a row and a half on Wicked so no photo today. If I don’t post some significant progress soon someone send me a snarky email to embarrass me into making progress.


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