A blogger PSA

All of us living in NYC may see an un-welome change in our ability to capture photos for our blogs, and personal use in general. I received the following in an email from a filmmaker friend.

ALERT: Ban Taking Photos and Video in Public in New York

Many of you have probably heard about this already but for those who haven’t, please sign the petition (link below)or write to the Mayor’s
Office for Film and TV (address below) and forward it to any others who care about this important matter.


All of a sudden we, as photographers, filmmakers, students and teachers, are facing serious restrictions by The Mayor’s office about NYC street photography.

Please sign the petition. We don’t have much time with an august 3rd deadline.

Here is the URL with the petition to sign:


Introduced quietly just before Memorial Day weekend, the regulations could severely impede the ability of even casual photographers and filmmakers to operate in New York City. A group of two or more people who want to use a
camera in a single public location for more than a half hour (including setup and breakdown time) could be required to get a city permit and $1 million in liability insurance. According to the NY Civil Liberties Union, “these regulations violate the First Amendment right to photograph in public places, and open the door to selective and discriminatory enforcement.”


PDF of the proposed changes:


NYCLU Response:



Excerpted from an email by artist and filmmaker Jem Cohen:

The Mayor’s Office of Film deals primarily with big film shoots (ie. commercials, features, t.v.) where permits and insurance are, understandably, a given. However, many photographers and filmmakers carry on an equally vital tradition in which spontaneous documentation of the urban environment is at the very heart of our work. Being a street photographer often means standing in a random location and
waiting: for the right activity, the right light, the break in the traffic;
the countless other unpredictable factors that need to fall into place
to make a shot worthwhile…

Permits would have to be obtained for specific dates and times and exact locations, and the insurance would be out of reach for many individuals. The fact is that we simply CANNOT predict where, when, and how long we are going to film or photograph; we CANNOT afford expensive liability insurance policies; we occasionally NEED to work with other people or to use tripods to support our gear. (The regulations would, for example, effectively rule out a great deal of time-lapse photography which depends on tripods and cannot possibly be done with time limitations of 10 to 30 minutes, as well as the use of large format still cameras and long lenses).

Especially in the current climate, official clarification of photographer’s rights could be a positive thing. (Many of us have been shut down by police or other authorities who do not seem to understand that we DO have rights to film and photograph in public places). That said, if these regulations go through, it would invite if not require police to harass or shut down both professional artists and amateurs.

Unfortunately, I believe that we must see the proposed regulations not only as a blow against New York as a city that welcomes and inspires art-making (and historical documentation), but as part of a continuum of broader attacks against civil liberties and free expression.

Please contact the following person immediately and
express your concerns.

Julianne Cho
Associate Commissioner
Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting
1697 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
ph: 212.489.6710
fax: 212.307.6237



Wow. This may be my fastest read yet. After an agonizing morning of waiting for a UPS truck that never came my mailman arrived at about 11 am, as I was gazing horror stricken out the window as yet another SUV rolled by*, and removed a box marked Harry Potter from his bag. I didn’t dare hope it was mine. It was! Approximately twelve hours later, DONE! I may have done it in ten if not for diaper changing, bottle feeding and general child care like eating and drinking πŸ˜‰

I loved it. I’m still in shock, but I loved it. I’m even proud of myself for not crying as much as I was expecting. Well, off to clean up the mess I let the kids make as I read. I bet their glad I finished, I refused to turn on the TV for two days thinking every channel would someone be boasting spoilers across the bottom of the screen. I even had a nightmare that I found out the ending and that UPS tried to deliver my book and I missed it. I was actually sick to my stomach. I couldn’t eat and I am always hungry. But all is well now. Off to start the re-read. LOL

*To add serious insult to injury traffic was re-routed to my normally quiet street today, this included a bus route and several repair trucks, vans, and other large vehicles sounding like UPS trucks. I’m surprised I haven’t sprained my neck whipping around each time a vehicle came. Oh and we have a speed bump near our building so everything slowed down sounding like my UPS truck coming to a halt. AGONY.

Mason Dixon Knittin'

Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth
I requested this book from the library, I picked it up at about 5:30 today and I am nearly finished this dishcloth. I think this book has some kind of voodoo on it that makes people churn these things out. I can totally understand why I have read nothing but wonderful things about this book. The patterns are great AND it is sooo funny. Tough cotton yarn (stash!) on hard, cheap ass Boye metal needles. Tell me what beats that?!
EDIT 1:30pm: Done Dishcloth Done
Pattern: Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth
Yarn: Bernat cotton, two colors (blue also used on WT Tomten)
Needles: Boye, size 8
Time: Few hours
Loved: Immediately, now addicted to slip stitch color work, plans formulating to include it in everything.


Lion Brand Crochet Tunic

Although this may be one of the worse pictures I have ever taken of myself I love this Tunic(?).

Pattern: Crochet Tunic from Lion Brand
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus, Color Red (From the stash!)
Hook: Size I Susan Bates
Mods: Many unintentional ones actually, all stemming from impatience and misreading the pattern. The only intentional one was making the front lower than the back. I have issues with things feeling as if they are choking me.

Here’s a blurry standing shot.Lion Brand Crochet Tunic

It’s hard to get good pictures of myself when the only other person around during the day that can hold the camera is six years old. She is much to busy drawing pictures to actually do something for me πŸ˜‰

I had so much to say about HP and the OOTP but Ms. One Scheme of Happiness did it so well there is no need. I am absolutely busting to read the last book. I am so grateful that I resisted reading the books for so long. It has been torture waiting for this last one, I don’t know how you all did this for the last six books. Be careful of the spoilers online I know I will. Happy reading everyone.

*The jury is still out on wether or not this is a Tunic. All’s I know is, I like it πŸ™‚

A modern Granny

Am I crazy for wanting to make this sweater?
Thoroughly Modern Granny  Jacket

I was thinking in these colors
Granny Jacket colors (click through to Flickr for yarn info)
and with a different collar maybe. So is this crazy or what?

I am off to see Henry Pott, as my grandma likes to call him, tonight rain be damned. I tried to finish re-reading the book before tonight but the demands of motherhood made that impossible. Hope you’re off to see it too!

PS I was stunned to find this story about Posh and Becks interesting, the photos aren’t bad either.

I finished the front of this crochet tunic two days after first spotting the pattern in my email from Lion Brand. How is that for progress?
Crochet Tunic

Although mine will be a little less tunic-y. In my mind I kept getting an image of me from behind with the crocheted fabric stretched across my backside and figured it was better to shoot for a longish top rather than the tunic. Here are a few pics of the back piece in one of my favorite yarns, TLC Cotton plus.

Lion Brand Tunic front

Lion Brand Tunic front close up
I actually made an unintentional mod, I half-double crocheted when I should have single crocheted. Perhaps when I checked how to treble crochet I should have refreshed myself on all of the stitches.
And a picture of the Wonder Twins just because.
Wonder Twins