Never ending Marigold

I feel like I have been knitting on Ms. Marigold forever. I promised my sister that I would knit Wicked for her by the time the fall semester starts and I would like to leave myself lots of time. SO, that means Ms. M is going on a time out. Despite the fact that I have decreased several stitches it still seems huge.Ms. Marigold goes....

I have big plans for this summer and I’m curios to see how much I can get done.
Here’s the run down:
Finish editing my script for this competition
Finish a short (20 pgs or less) & TV script (1 hour drama) for the same competition
Finish my book for this contest
Knit Wicked for my sis
Knit Missy a back to school Tomten

This seems do-able for someone without my other responsibilities like taking care of four, make that five, people and all that that entails. My oldest graduated yesterday.
Missy's Kindergarten graduation

It’s bittersweet for me since she has to change schools, but I’ll worry about that in September. I hope her sweater will ease the transition. (I know wishful thinking).We’ll see.

I wish that I could share story ideas with you guys. It’s the sort of thing you need feed back on. I think that my sister and husband have taste to similar too mine to point out all of the flaws in my ideas.


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