Don't let muggles talk you out of packing your knitting

My favorite cookiesThese cookies bring back some of my most found childhood memories. Carefree summers, picnics in the park, and the best of the times I had with my mother. Now I enjoy them, too often maybe, with my children making new memories for myself and for them. If I keep making these memories so often I will be as big as a house soon 😉 This picture is actually comprised of two childhood memories the canisters behind the cookies were my mothers. She used them in the first place we lived together when I was a kid. More good times.

Oh, I know fellow knitters will appreciate this. The night before graduation I packed everything that I would need. My bag felt remarkably light and I couldn’t figure out why. Suddenly it occurred to me that I hadn’t packed my knitting. So I tossed it in the bag and my sister laughed and said she was going to take it out. In the morning I felt silly so I took it out. Well the whole nervous cab ride to the school, the entire squelching hot gradation and on the ride home all I could think was “I wish I had my knitting”. I could have finished Ms. Marigold. When I said this to my sister she just rolled her eyes at me. The nerve. It was her fault that I left it. The lesson here: Don’t let muggles talk you out of packing your knitting.


2 thoughts on “Don't let muggles talk you out of packing your knitting

  1. Oh my! Are those the oatmeal cookies with the cream between two of them? Probably not, but you just brought back memories for. Also, I love the dress you wore to graduation. Did you make it?And, one more thing… I roamed around on your flickr page a bit and fell in love with the Afro woman (is that what called it? – bad memory!) goodies. So cute.

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