College Life

My family has a lot to celebrate this June. It is often the case that we have several graduates a year because my family is large and consists of many people in the same age group. This year we have an extra special reason to celebrate. My baby sister is graduating from high school and has just found out that she has been accepted to her dream school. She is a lovely young woman and had to overcome a lot to get here. She is a talented artist and will continue her studies at one of the most prestigious art schools in the world. She is the only person I know who has been focused on one thing since elementary school and will actually continue those studies. I am disgustingly proud and excited. You would think that I was going. 😉
Me and my Sis
She will be starting in a special program this summer and she must live on campus even though the school is in New York. I want to make her something special and useful so if anyone has any suggestions I welcome them. Also if you all know of any checklists for students living on campus I’d like that info too. She will not have the transitional summer period that most people have between high school and college so I would like to make it special to take the edge off. Her best friend joked that she was stepping off of the stage and into the classroom, it starts that soon.

BTW, I found a dress that fit all of my parts properly ;). I am knitting a two-tone shrug from Fitted Knits (in one tone) to wear over it. Deadline knitting, just the fire under the bum motivation I need to finish a project. No I haven’t become a speed knitter. I started it when I fell in love with the dress I had to return, I stopped because I wasn’t sure I would find something in a brown color scheme. But I did! I even got to shop while using one of my early graduation presents from the hubby. An iPod Nano!!!

I have joined the other 97% of the world now. I’m always late with this kind of stuff. I’ve been using the same cell phone for two years, it looks likes like hell. The other gift was a necessity. An external hard drive so I can lose the paranoia I have about my computer crashing again. My hubby kinda rocks right now.

Oh. I got the iPod the same day that the apple store sent me a reminder email letting me know that this was my last chance to use my student discount. How nice of them.


One thought on “College Life

  1. Congrats to all your graduating family members! I was going to say that your sister needs a shrug, and then saw that you’re making one for yourself. Personally, I always carry a shrug with me during the summer: think of those air conditionned classrooms!

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