An amusing tale

And some knitting too. I know shock and amazement. But first the story.

So I graduate this month and special occasions require special wardrobe. Due to baby weight gain and weight shift things no longer fit quite the same so a new dress was in order. I hate to shop for dresses because of fit issues. If they fit the top the bottom makes me look like a stuffed sausage it’s so tight and with bottoms that fit the tops bag.

So dress shopping requires that I break my rules about trying on clothes at the store. I have in the past when leisure time wasn’t so scarce bought home several items tried them on at home and returned whatever didn’t fit. But women with four children, two of whom are infants don’t have time for that kind of crap. So…

I go into the fitting room and hang the dresses, in varying sizes in an effort to find the right one that fits both top and bottom properly, only to catch a glimpse of said bottom from behind in the fitting room mirror. Wow! Why had no one told me how huge my ass had gotten? Since moving we haven’t had a chance to buy a full-length mirror so I was blissfully unaware that I was dragging a wagon as they say. Upon noticing this I exclaimed loudly to my sister who had gone shopping with me, “Why didn’t you tell me my ass got so fat?” which actually drew laughter from the other women in the fitting rooms beside me.

I must say I haven’t received a shock like that in a while. I should have suspected though, my husband had been paying extra attention to me exiting rooms. 😉 I just thought he was happy to have the TV to himself. I just have to say for the record though that I’m not complaining about the weight gain, it’s a fact of life. I’m not much heavier then I was before but things have shifted and re-arranged themselves a lot. Maybe that’s why my knits have been tight, I’m not as small as I think I am.

Now the knitting. Here we have the beginnings of Ms. Marigold in Knitpicks Shine worsted (which seems to be the same as sport to me) in Reef.
Ms.MarigoldIt’s so hard to stay motivated to finish a knit. As soon as I get a rhythm going someone wakes up, needs a bottle, a pamper change, a glass of juice, a cookie, my blood sweat and tears. But I have whined enough in “real life” about my mommy woes, I’ll spare you all further details.

But back to the dress situation. Out of the ten or so dresses I tried on I only really liked one. To make the shopping experience complete crap I could not zip the last inch of zipper. Perfect fit everywhere else, apparently my back has grown as well. I ordered the dress online in the next size and it fit like hell so I’m back to square one. I knew I should have made something, but that seemed to be asking for trouble with the amount of time I would have to dedicate to it. I have two weeks so let’s see if I get lucky or if I have to pull a project runway and hope I end up with something wearable.


3 thoughts on “An amusing tale

  1. Girl, it’s OK, don’t worry, you’ll get back into tiptop shape. But it takes time. How you manage to knit, too, is beyond me. You go…oh, and I hope those socks have been WORN & not just admired! 😉

  2. You’re too funny. With my last pregnancy, I was sure my butt couldn’t get any bigger than it was with the first–it did. I was preggo when I graduated, too. You couldn’t really tell because of the gown, though. Congrats.

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