Craft Blues

I have a serious case of startitis that has extended beyond knitting projects. I have started and partially knit at least three things, ripped out all but one, and left just one sleeve to complete on my bulky mini cardi. Which is too small btw. I have cut out so many sewing patterns my wrist began to hurt, I even cut out two things to sew and haven’t sewn a stitch on either one yet. Startitis affects many things, but the purchasing of additional craft supplies isn’t one of them. I have bought several fabrics, many patterns (a store in my new neighborhood has old patterns 3 for $5), a few books, some swish superwash from knitpicks, shine worsted in a lovely green color that I can’t for the life of me recall the project it was for, and a lace chart keeper because I got a lace knitting jones so strong I couldn’t ignore it.

I am also having trouble focusing on one writing project at a time. I have a script that needs final revising before a contest deadline. The problem is re-typing it into my screenwriting program’s format. When my computer crashed I lost the file. Fortunately I had it saved elsewhere but only as an rtf file. But instead of doing this I have come up with no less than three ideas that I am itching to began fleshing out. I also have gotten it into my head to work one of my ideas into a book format for an upcoming contest I received an email about. This idea began as an idea for a one-hour drama in the style of Dawson’s Creek or Felicity but about shit that I can actually relate too. But it is somehow morphing into something else. I have lots of time to think about my ideas while feeding babies or giving baths. The strangest thing about the one that has me feeling really energized has been the beginning of the actual writing. I am always jotting down ideas and scenes and dialogue to include but the actual writing has at times taken years to start. Maybe that means I’ve got the fever for this idea right now so maybe I should ride with it and see how far I get.


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