Break of dawn

This looks like the second night in a week that I will be up all night. It’s easier for me to stay awake than to fall asleep and have to get up in an hour or two. You see Mimi refuses to sleep for more than ten minutes at a time. She falls asleep, I put her down, and she wakes up just as I get comfortable in bed. So now we’re chillin’ on the couch watching Terminator 2 and waiting until it’s time to get Missy ready for school. As a screenwriter T2 is like a training manual. It is equal combination kick ass action movie, drama, and coming of age story with a hint of Lifetime “you wont hurt my child” thrown in for good measure. It’s all of that plus for my money one of the most successful sequels to a movie, many, myself included, would say the second was better than the first.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing and how much I miss the structure of my classes at school. I have a few completed scripts, the most complete being the one that made it to the quarterfinals of the contest that I entered last year. The thing is I know what needs to be done to make it better but finding the time to get my thoughts together to do it is proving difficult. The plan is to try to work at least an hour a day to start, possibly a half-hour at a time and increase from there. We’ll see.

If Mimi will let me I’m going to pick up stitches for the collar of the Bulky mini-cardi from Fitted Knits, which is fantastic by the way. I think I like 22 of the 25 designs. I love the photography and the fact that she uses affordable yarn for the designs. I have always loved her stuff so I’m not too surprised that her book is great. If you can believe it I think I hear Son #1 waking up. He fell asleep on the floor this evening the picture is hysterical, I’ll show you tomorrow. Well back to the Terminator.


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