A new look

But first the highlights:
Wedding anniversary celebrated, jewelry received, meal delicious.
No rest for the weary, twins are literally twice as hard. Give one a bottle only to have another one to tend too. The tag team moments are especially fun.
In danger of becoming Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times. I sometimes feel like a diaper and bottle machine, adults coming near me should fear being diapered and bottled since I seem to be operating on automatic lately.
I found the time to try my new machine

I love it. I’m making a jacket out of some fabric I got that comes on bolts 108 yds wide for $2.99 a yard. Because I am cheap I’m adapting a pattern instead of buying one at full price. If I muck things up too badly, as I am sure to due to my brain functioning at about 75%, it won’t be an expensive failure.
My sister questions the use of this fabric but I like it. I also got this storage box for my sewing notions.
Now for the post title. We, the hubby and I that is, have finally done what we have been threatening to do. We cut #1 son’s hair. I know as his mom I will think he is cute no matter what, but who can argue with these pictures ;). Here we have before, huge, bushy, lopsided Afro
edited to remove pic

And after: cute, perfectly rounded head and a mini version of his dad.
edited to remove pic
Even cuter.


3 thoughts on “A new look

  1. Awwwww…how precious. He looks older now! We still haven’t cut our 2 year-old’s hair because he doesn’t have enough to cut! I can’t even imagine how busy you’ve been…I’m glad you got to try out your new machine.

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