Mini Swap Goodies

I participated in Mommy Coddle’s miniswap this year. I made the things above while my twins were still in the hospital and it served as a great distraction. Missy helped with everything that she could and I got to practice making things for a little boy. Our partners were Kathryn and her son Jack from Australia. Having partners in another country led to some nice talks with Missy about Australia and some of it’s landmarks.

I sent some Winnie the Pooh books, which turned out to be Jack’s favorite. The felt mouse is from Toys to Sew, and I included some things from and about places in Brooklyn. I circled our neighborhood on the bus map so they could see where we lived. The log cabin pillow is for Kathryn, the denim one with appliqué is for Jack. It was my first time trying both quilt piecing and hand stitched appliqué.

I also made him some beanbags from some of Missy’s old jeans, one with car embroidery the other one with Jacks name. I made Kathryn a tote bag and tried out a backpack idea I had seen on Flickr for Jack. I lined it with some car and truck design flannel I got for a dollar a yard and backed his pillow with the same fabric. I made a little car patch out of felt for the backpack. Jack loves cars and trucks so I tried to include them wherever I could. We also made a notebook with cover art designed by Missy. We painted the wooden box together for Jack’s treasures and Missy included a little painted statue from a Crayola kit. I packed it all in the pretty box in the last photo. I’m always nervous about people liking my gifts so I was really pleased to get an email from Kathryn letting me know that they really liked everything.

Next I plan to have Missy help me make some baggies for children in Mozambique for Kelli of African Kelli to take with her on her next trip. I’m hoping to have her classmates bring in some too. Hopefully other parents will want to become involved. I think my children are fortunate in many ways and I don’t want them to feel entitled to the things that they have so I think doing charity work can go a long way in helping with that.


Why Knitters Rock!

And why bloggers who knit rock even harder. Del of Cozy’s place sent me the most perfect pair of hand knit socks in the world. I am overwhelmed by her kindness and pleasantly surprised that these socks fit absolutely perfectly without her having asked my shoe size or anything. This goes to show that her knitting skills are light years ahead of mine. I can’t stop looking at all of those perfect little stitches, marveling at the amount of them and the fact that they were gifted to me not out of obligation due to a swap or other arrangement, but just because I would like them and maybe deserved them. It blows me away. Thank you Del you made an otherwise dull day very, very bright. 😉

Break of dawn

This looks like the second night in a week that I will be up all night. It’s easier for me to stay awake than to fall asleep and have to get up in an hour or two. You see Mimi refuses to sleep for more than ten minutes at a time. She falls asleep, I put her down, and she wakes up just as I get comfortable in bed. So now we’re chillin’ on the couch watching Terminator 2 and waiting until it’s time to get Missy ready for school. As a screenwriter T2 is like a training manual. It is equal combination kick ass action movie, drama, and coming of age story with a hint of Lifetime “you wont hurt my child” thrown in for good measure. It’s all of that plus for my money one of the most successful sequels to a movie, many, myself included, would say the second was better than the first.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing and how much I miss the structure of my classes at school. I have a few completed scripts, the most complete being the one that made it to the quarterfinals of the contest that I entered last year. The thing is I know what needs to be done to make it better but finding the time to get my thoughts together to do it is proving difficult. The plan is to try to work at least an hour a day to start, possibly a half-hour at a time and increase from there. We’ll see.

If Mimi will let me I’m going to pick up stitches for the collar of the Bulky mini-cardi from Fitted Knits, which is fantastic by the way. I think I like 22 of the 25 designs. I love the photography and the fact that she uses affordable yarn for the designs. I have always loved her stuff so I’m not too surprised that her book is great. If you can believe it I think I hear Son #1 waking up. He fell asleep on the floor this evening the picture is hysterical, I’ll show you tomorrow. Well back to the Terminator.

Potholders in my kitchen*

I decided to celebrate the fact that I have a really lovely kitchen now by making myself a new set of potholders. They are inspired by the ones in the Denyse Schmidt book and so far the random piecing has been therapeutic after some thread tension issues.

Potholder Pieces
(see my cute pincushion in the foreground)
My jacket attempt has stalled. I managed to set in the sleeve properly which made me immensely proud, but the drape of the jacket is not so pleasing. I think I cut out a size too big and it is not taking on the shape that I had in mind.

A while back I requested Sew U from my library and it finally came in. This is a book I wish I went ahead and impulse purchased from the store straight away. I love it. I have major plans for those simple patterns and I wish I could cut them out now. I asked my seamstress grandma for some pointers and I can’t wait to get started. I showed her the book and she seemed really interested in having her own copy. She has not sewn regularly for long while and she really gets a kick out of my crafty endeavors. My family always remarks that I’m the only one that shares a passion for these things with her.

Although that may be changing, my sister asked me for some embroidery supplies so she could have something to do at work (her boss is really cool, and crafty too). I of course had an unused sublime stitch it kit to give her and away she went. I have shown her the knit and purl stitches a few times too but it hasn’t stuck yet. It’s nice to introduce my grandma to all the new crafty things and have her tell me about all the older ones. She actually learned all about sewing in high school. Now you have to pay places like FIT and Pratt to get those skills. I wish she could get around better so I could have someone to go to events like the Knit out and the sheep and wool festivals with. Let’s see if I make it to either of those this year. G is on vacation for the next month so hopefully I can have some time to complete some projects and have a little time for me.
And because pictures of babies are always nice, the Wonder Twins.Wonder Twin BWonder Twin A

*This is my rather un-clever attempt at a spin on the De La Sol song “Potholes in my lawn”. Sorry it’s hard being clever when your brain has leaked out of your ears during childbirth. 😉

A new look

But first the highlights:
Wedding anniversary celebrated, jewelry received, meal delicious.
No rest for the weary, twins are literally twice as hard. Give one a bottle only to have another one to tend too. The tag team moments are especially fun.
In danger of becoming Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times. I sometimes feel like a diaper and bottle machine, adults coming near me should fear being diapered and bottled since I seem to be operating on automatic lately.
I found the time to try my new machine

I love it. I’m making a jacket out of some fabric I got that comes on bolts 108 yds wide for $2.99 a yard. Because I am cheap I’m adapting a pattern instead of buying one at full price. If I muck things up too badly, as I am sure to due to my brain functioning at about 75%, it won’t be an expensive failure.
My sister questions the use of this fabric but I like it. I also got this storage box for my sewing notions.
Now for the post title. We, the hubby and I that is, have finally done what we have been threatening to do. We cut #1 son’s hair. I know as his mom I will think he is cute no matter what, but who can argue with these pictures ;). Here we have before, huge, bushy, lopsided Afro
edited to remove pic

And after: cute, perfectly rounded head and a mini version of his dad.
edited to remove pic
Even cuter.