Blogiversary…bloggiversary…bloggyversary, uh yeah the blog is one today

Well this little blog made it to a year. Looking back at my first post I see that the photo is no longer available and that it was an incredibly uninteresting first post anyway. BTW I am writing this on March 1st because it doesn’t take a physic to predict that I will not have as much time to blog in the immediate future*. Like most bloggers commemorating their bloggy-whats-it I would like to thank everyone who reads, glances at picture, comments and most of all sends support and good wishes. It is really lovely and unexpected that people give a crap about what I have to say, and like the things that I make. I mean I think that I’m interesting but who’s to say anyone else does ;).

I am enjoying making friends that I may never meet and some that I have (spiders!). I loved the swaps I participated in and my favorite swap item received. Here’s to another year of trying to explain to friends and family what a blog is, who knit those slippers for me and why I gave a complete stranger my address in the first place. Here’s to more of the same. Knit and blog on.


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