Son of a B@#%^H!

Lest you think all I can talk about is babies and moving, I actually picked up my needles today. And this happened:
Broken denise needle

Son of a b@#$h. The needle snapped right after the join. I started Flair using the yarn I bought for the Rams Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature. I decided Veronique was right, the buttony sweater did have a lot of work put into it to rip. I also think the yarn is a little thick to give Flair the proper flair. This project is more my speed right now. Top down raglans are good for lots of pick up and put down knitting. With my current knitting time I don’t want to knit any thing with pieces. I still love the Rams horn jacket so maybe one day and I still want to finish the other sweater but I am out of love with it for the time being. Here Flair in the infant stages.

Infant Flair

I hope that the needle stays whole this time around. I think the knitting gods want me to spend money. I resisted the cotton fleece that was calling me in Knit-away yesterday. I want to make Monica for Missy. I also thought about buying the Blue sky cotton for Flair but I went with stash for both. *Pats self on the back* But now I have to get more needle cords. Right?

Oh, I finally got my laptop fixed last week, I am whole once more 😉


One thought on “Son of a B@#%^H!

  1. actually, if you write denise needles’ customer service and tell them what happened then they’ll probably replace the cord free of charge. they have great customer service and replaced kaitlyn’s awhile back with no problem.

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