Going quietly mad

Or not so quietly actually. The wonder twins are home!!!
Wonder twins
Wonder twins in handknits

We also moved!!! Oh, btw we did these two things on back-to-back days, it’s safe to say that I do not recommend this to anyone. Although we were all reluctant to move, we love the new place. It is light years ahead of where we were. We purged a LOT of crap and found some things long forgotten. Missy surprised me with her reaction to the move. Dealing with our own feelings made us forget that that was the only home she could remember and that she would of course have some reaction to leaving. The blow was softened slightly when she found out that we would live next door to my mother and that she and Woodji would be sharing a room.

Unfortunately we lost an important screw when taking apart Woodji’s crib. We made the decision to get him a toddler bed, he did great the first few nights, but he got out of bed about ten times tonight. He cried so much that I ended up in their room squeezed into bed with Missy with Woodji lying on my chest. We went from that to woodji taking my spot in my own bed, Missy in their room alone, and me on the couch feeding first one WT then the next while composing this blog post with one hand so that I can stay awake.

When all told Missy not only infected Woodji with that stomach virus she had, she took out half of our extended family. Things around here got really bad but they seem to be on an upswing, 4am blog posts not withstanding. Tune in tomorrow when I fill you in on life pushing a triple stroller (the thing weighs more than me), and doctor’s visits with three kids.


5 thoughts on “Going quietly mad

  1. Wow, what an adventure! I hope that you’re now wandering around your apartment, looking for things… The wonder twins look so cute in their crib! Congrats!

  2. congratulations! they’re home!!! and they look adorable all curled up in their crib like that. you must be happy to be all done with the homecoming and the move. soon things’ll settle down and life will be somewhat normal. then summer will be here!

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