I’ve been thinking of frogging the sweater of many buttons. During the great computer black out of 2007 I had no access to the pattern. Of course the printed one was the only pattern that I couldn’t find and I sort of winged it on the sleeves until I could get a look at it. Well between the hospital and bed rest I had a lot of time to work on those sleeves and I finished one with a scant amount of yarn left to complete the body and second sleeve. The pattern had more sleeve decreases thereby leaving more yarn for the rest of the sweater, oops. My back up plan was to use the green merino aran doubled to finish the sweater and I like the look of it but I am sick to death of knitting this thing. Add to that the nagging feelings in my gut that I’m going to run out of merino aran and that the sweater is not going to be too flattering anyway and you have a prescription to the frog pond all written out for this sucker.

Buttony Cardi

Even looking at this picture makes me want to RIP it. I was thinking this yarn could be re-born as Flair from Knit and Tonic. Opinions? I know that my wardrobe could use something with flair as opposed to something else slightly frumpy. Their will be math involved with changing the gauge, but the chunky yarn would mean a faster knit. Faster is better because let’s face it I’m going to have next to no knitting time after next week. Whether or not this yarn is destined to Flair, it is decided that it aint gonna be a buttony cardi.

In sick people news Woodji woke us up this morning throwing up the same way Missy did on Wednesday. Say it with me people *When it rains it pours!!* Oh and the landlord asked that we move on Sunday instead of Saturday. I won’t even ask what can happen next, I did that yesterday and found out that you can wake up to your next child sick as a dog.


4 thoughts on “Flair

  1. Ooh, Flair would be nice! But could you just rip out the sleeve and do it over? You’ve done so much for this sweater already, it would be a shame to frog it completely! Good luck with the move and the sick kids…

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