The Missy Show

Today is my first born’s 6th birthday. Wow was that fast. It sucks though that she was so sick yesterday that she missed school and spent most of the day at the doctors office. Whoever thought up the expression “When it rains, it pours.” wasn’t kidding. Luckily she seems to be much better today, apparently the doctor was giving me the worse case scenario when she explained what was likely to happen next. Like most parents first born we have an obscene amount of pictures of her. Here are just a few of my favorites of my little lady.
Age: 1 1/2
Missy's massive hair
Diva in diapers
Age: 2 1/2

Missy on her B-day 2004
Age: 3

Missy strikes a pose
Age: 4 1/2

Missy as a Top Model
Age: 5 1/2

Time flies when you’re raising babies ;). I’ll spare you the pictures of what I looked liked over these years. While it is a very nice trip down memory lane looking at pictures of your children, it is very scary to look back at pics of yourself.


3 thoughts on “The Missy Show

  1. Congratulations on your exanding family!! The babes are beautiful! What a lot of work for you to deliver babies and then move! Your daughter is so lovely, what a smile, a darling! And yes, time flies. It seems like only a few years ago my oldest was talking to his unborn baby ‘brudders’ in my tummy and now he’s talking to his unborn baby girl of his own…due in June.

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