Blogiversary…bloggiversary…bloggyversary, uh yeah the blog is one today

Well this little blog made it to a year. Looking back at my first post I see that the photo is no longer available and that it was an incredibly uninteresting first post anyway. BTW I am writing this on March 1st because it doesn’t take a physic to predict that I will not have as much time to blog in the immediate future*. Like most bloggers commemorating their bloggy-whats-it I would like to thank everyone who reads, glances at picture, comments and most of all sends support and good wishes. It is really lovely and unexpected that people give a crap about what I have to say, and like the things that I make. I mean I think that I’m interesting but who’s to say anyone else does ;).

I am enjoying making friends that I may never meet and some that I have (spiders!). I loved the swaps I participated in and my favorite swap item received. Here’s to another year of trying to explain to friends and family what a blog is, who knit those slippers for me and why I gave a complete stranger my address in the first place. Here’s to more of the same. Knit and blog on.


Son of a B@#%^H!

Lest you think all I can talk about is babies and moving, I actually picked up my needles today. And this happened:
Broken denise needle

Son of a b@#$h. The needle snapped right after the join. I started Flair using the yarn I bought for the Rams Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature. I decided Veronique was right, the buttony sweater did have a lot of work put into it to rip. I also think the yarn is a little thick to give Flair the proper flair. This project is more my speed right now. Top down raglans are good for lots of pick up and put down knitting. With my current knitting time I don’t want to knit any thing with pieces. I still love the Rams horn jacket so maybe one day and I still want to finish the other sweater but I am out of love with it for the time being. Here Flair in the infant stages.

Infant Flair

I hope that the needle stays whole this time around. I think the knitting gods want me to spend money. I resisted the cotton fleece that was calling me in Knit-away yesterday. I want to make Monica for Missy. I also thought about buying the Blue sky cotton for Flair but I went with stash for both. *Pats self on the back* But now I have to get more needle cords. Right?

Oh, I finally got my laptop fixed last week, I am whole once more 😉

Going quietly mad

Or not so quietly actually. The wonder twins are home!!!
Wonder twins
Wonder twins in handknits

We also moved!!! Oh, btw we did these two things on back-to-back days, it’s safe to say that I do not recommend this to anyone. Although we were all reluctant to move, we love the new place. It is light years ahead of where we were. We purged a LOT of crap and found some things long forgotten. Missy surprised me with her reaction to the move. Dealing with our own feelings made us forget that that was the only home she could remember and that she would of course have some reaction to leaving. The blow was softened slightly when she found out that we would live next door to my mother and that she and Woodji would be sharing a room.

Unfortunately we lost an important screw when taking apart Woodji’s crib. We made the decision to get him a toddler bed, he did great the first few nights, but he got out of bed about ten times tonight. He cried so much that I ended up in their room squeezed into bed with Missy with Woodji lying on my chest. We went from that to woodji taking my spot in my own bed, Missy in their room alone, and me on the couch feeding first one WT then the next while composing this blog post with one hand so that I can stay awake.

When all told Missy not only infected Woodji with that stomach virus she had, she took out half of our extended family. Things around here got really bad but they seem to be on an upswing, 4am blog posts not withstanding. Tune in tomorrow when I fill you in on life pushing a triple stroller (the thing weighs more than me), and doctor’s visits with three kids.


I’ve been thinking of frogging the sweater of many buttons. During the great computer black out of 2007 I had no access to the pattern. Of course the printed one was the only pattern that I couldn’t find and I sort of winged it on the sleeves until I could get a look at it. Well between the hospital and bed rest I had a lot of time to work on those sleeves and I finished one with a scant amount of yarn left to complete the body and second sleeve. The pattern had more sleeve decreases thereby leaving more yarn for the rest of the sweater, oops. My back up plan was to use the green merino aran doubled to finish the sweater and I like the look of it but I am sick to death of knitting this thing. Add to that the nagging feelings in my gut that I’m going to run out of merino aran and that the sweater is not going to be too flattering anyway and you have a prescription to the frog pond all written out for this sucker.

Buttony Cardi

Even looking at this picture makes me want to RIP it. I was thinking this yarn could be re-born as Flair from Knit and Tonic. Opinions? I know that my wardrobe could use something with flair as opposed to something else slightly frumpy. Their will be math involved with changing the gauge, but the chunky yarn would mean a faster knit. Faster is better because let’s face it I’m going to have next to no knitting time after next week. Whether or not this yarn is destined to Flair, it is decided that it aint gonna be a buttony cardi.

In sick people news Woodji woke us up this morning throwing up the same way Missy did on Wednesday. Say it with me people *When it rains it pours!!* Oh and the landlord asked that we move on Sunday instead of Saturday. I won’t even ask what can happen next, I did that yesterday and found out that you can wake up to your next child sick as a dog.

The Missy Show

Today is my first born’s 6th birthday. Wow was that fast. It sucks though that she was so sick yesterday that she missed school and spent most of the day at the doctors office. Whoever thought up the expression “When it rains, it pours.” wasn’t kidding. Luckily she seems to be much better today, apparently the doctor was giving me the worse case scenario when she explained what was likely to happen next. Like most parents first born we have an obscene amount of pictures of her. Here are just a few of my favorites of my little lady.
Age: 1 1/2
Missy's massive hair
Diva in diapers
Age: 2 1/2

Missy on her B-day 2004
Age: 3

Missy strikes a pose
Age: 4 1/2

Missy as a Top Model
Age: 5 1/2

Time flies when you’re raising babies ;). I’ll spare you the pictures of what I looked liked over these years. While it is a very nice trip down memory lane looking at pictures of your children, it is very scary to look back at pics of yourself.