Snoopy Says, She Didn’t Fall for Cotton

Snoopy Fall

Please accept this cute, fall-themed, Snoopy comic in place of an actual Fall For Cotton project.

My efforts were doomed from the start. When it was all said and done, I had chosen the WRONG fabric to work with, misplaced the pattern I wanted to use, cut out a last minute project and then immediately became engrossed in a book (or two).

So, no cotton loveliness to show. Instead, I unearthed a long forgotten skirt and wore it instead.

Be impressed by my workroom decor. We get water to drink and have the means to extinguish fire.

I approve.


Close-up of the best shoe purchase, ever.

I love them so much, I couldn’t stop taking pics of them.
In the subway.
And on the street (I see you Spike Lee. And your vamp flick). I kept misreading this as Brooklyn Vampires rather than Black Vampires. My shoes go, either way ;)

This was totally a last minute outfit, but I totally love it! So did my husband and a few random people on the street. Sometimes, the comfy fit is well…comfy, lol and garners the most comments.

Can you believe it’s October?

For me, the month will have some busy (planning for two volunteer position ramps up), some good (it’s my birth month) and some bad (my grandma fell ill on my bday and passed a week and a day later). So if I appear a bit morose, no worries. I have a super support system at home and you all, too.
I will be fine (eventually).

MMM.D31 :: C’est Fini!!!

Kicking it in my usual suspects for the last day of Me Made May!!!
Denim : Black : White
Perfect way to end it all!!

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

Top :: Scout Woven Tee
Skirt :: Modified pencil skirt
Belt :: F21
Sandals :: Payless

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

Dudes, I am so glad this month is over!!! I have really (REALLY) enjoyed wearing so many handmade goodies. BUT it was a little stressful with the sucky weather we’ve had here in Brooklyn.

As you can see from the (artificial) brightness of this pic, today was another scorcher ;)

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

I’d like to thank my little daughter (and Picmonkey Lomo & Focal Zoom effects) for the pictures!! Can you believe a six year-old got that jump shot on the first try!! My oldest son snapped the last one. Much like yesterday’s post. They probably think its completely normal to make your own clothes and then take silly pictures in them, lol

Love my kiddies!!

You can see all of my Me Made May looks by clicking the pic, below!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.42.59 PMI only missed photographing a few days. Overall, not too bad for a first round!

60s via ’13

1960s via 2013


1960s via 2013
I used the last of this origami bird/weird crown/small-ish white print fabric on this dress about 2 weeks ago, but it only made its debut today! I made a skirt with this fabric, last summer.

I was having a great time (NOT) trying to match patterns with off cuts and short yardages of fabric. Fun times….I was super psyched when I found a match.

1960s via 2013

Sandals :: Madden Girl
Belt :: F21
Dress :: Handmade
using vintage 60s pattern (Simplicity 4298) from the haul of a lifetime

1960s via 2013

This is essentially a (wearable, obviously) muslin. The bodice is a bit roomy in the chest, but still totally passable, in my opinion. I have a few go-to skirt patterns, I really want to get a good go-to bodice in my TNT pattern house. I’m pretty close with this one. I added an inch, but in the wrong place. Not the first time I’ve made this error. I’m trying to decide which fabric to use for version 2.

1960s via 2013

This fabric is cute, but quite unforgiving. It shows pin/needle holes and it tore in two (small) places on try #1000 of inserting the zipper. It was late and I should have left it for another day. Lesson learned. A little fusible interfacing and some strategic fabric marker application and it was alright in the end.

Just look how happy I was!

1960s via 2013

This was before I started sweating like crazy. It was HOTTTTT today! And this fabric left none of the evidence to the imagination….at least it dried quickly. Ahem. ;)

Last day of Me Made May, tomorrow!!! Should I make something new to wear???

Thanks so much for your feedback on being a copycat! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel better!

Also: PAVOT is totally sold out!! Sacré Bleu, lol

Do you think Lee got wind of my plans?

MMM.D3 :: Live & IN Color

I’m sure I won’t keep up with posting daily. But I had to share my lack of B&W today, lol
MMM.D3 :: Live & IN Color

MMM.D3 :: Live & IN Color

I spent some time taking this dress in, last night. It’s still much looser than my average fit, but I was super comfy and I LOVE this fabric!!

Sweater :: Old Navy
Dress :: Handmade (from a vintage pattern)
Tights :: ??
Shoes :: H&M

MMM.D3 :: Live & IN Color
Wanna know something cool about today?? A reader recognized me!!
HI, if you’re reading this!!
You made my day!

MMM.D3 :: Live & IN Color

Something else cool and sewing related- a nearby(-ish) store is going out of business and I got 10 yards of horsehair braid for $4!

That price totally makes up for the cashier packing it like this.
Notions Shopping :: Horse hair Braid
I soon got it in order.
Notions Shopping :: Horse hair Braid

I also picked up some thread and hem tape.
Notions Shopping

And you can bet your ass that I’m going back for more!

Black & White & Denim

EDITED TO ADD: CLEARLY, I need a calendar. Iz not May, today.

MMMD1 :: Black & White & Denim

I wore this to my little kiddies music recital where, for a reason yet to be discovered, my oldest son didn’t get to play ;( Needless to say, I will get to the bottom of things and work out a replacement for his missed opportunity. The girl twin played parts of the Hot Cross Buns piano performance and the boy twin sang along with the rest of grade K. The overall event was really nice. The kids played and sang so well. I hate that it was ruined by whatever mix up resulted in some being left out.

I don’t want to feel too down. I had a great day yesterday (more awesome internship stuff) and I have to show them that little setbacks aren’t the end of the world. Right?

Anyway, this is what I wore:

MMMD1 :: Black & White & Denim
Top :: Burda Style’s Lydia
Skirt :: The Janice Skirt (modified Simplicity 9823)
Socks & Tights :: F21 & H&M
Boots :: Anne Klein

This fun pic was taken inside the school where the recital was held. I wish I had taken more as this one was a bit blurry.
MMMD1 :: Black & White & Denim

This sucky ass weather is threatening to throw off my MMM game. I need to work on making pants, if only to stay in the game! Lol.

Urban French/Audrey Style

I always feel a little Hepburn-ish with skinnies and ballet flats on.

Urban French Audrey Style

And I always love a little cardi.
Urban French Audrey Style

Together with stripes and a  trench and you have a little French, too.
Urban French Audrey Style

Trench :: Steve Madden
Cardigan :: Halo (thrifted)
Top :: F21
Jeans :: Old Navy
Flats :: Target

I am so jazzed about sewing at the moment! I hope to ride the momentum into Me Made May and add some new pieces to my handmade wardrobe! Speaking of which, thanks for the sewcialist LOVE on my recent  projects!

I love this community!!!

I’m off to give the kids some Oreo ice cream roll. My oldest has had a LONG two weeks with all the testing she’s endured. It’s stressful for everyone, but the most pressure is on the kid. Which stinks. Ice cream heals all wounds though, or at least cheers you up while you eat it!!

Have a good weekend!

Urban French Audrey Style

Business Ensemble, Party on my ARM!

Business Ensemble, Party on my ARM!

Cardigan :: Old Navy
Dress :: Thrifted/Designer Unknown
Belt :: F21
Shoes :: Mel by Melissa
Purse :: Express
Tattoo :: courtesy of Jeremy @ Three Kings!!


Dudes!! This is, obviously (his footsies are missing!), not quite done yet but still AMAZING!! I have been wanting to cover up those old-got-them-when-I-was-a-teenager tattoos covered for years!!

And LOOOOOOK at how beautiful!!!!!

Ahem…I’m a little excited about it ;o)

I have one more appointment, for more shading over the old tats, and to add his feet and a few other details. SQUEE!

Business Ensemble, Party on my ARM!

Business Ensemble, Party on my ARM!

When You Have To Force A Smile

Force A Smile

With sick children, a sick self and little sleep, most of this past week and a half, and even early yesterday, I forced myself to get out, go and get things done. I even forced some smiles.

Then came news of a loss. She was my boss, in title, but she (and the other ladies I worked with there) became my friends. It was a reminder to do more to put my thoughts about getting together into action.

Then Boston happened and I was just so grateful to still be here, to have time to do more.

Force A Smile

I have so much, so much that is good. And so much to share. A class at Mood, a party at Brooklyn General and energetic chats with so many smiling, beautiful (in body and spirit) people at both. I still have time to be with my family, and take walks, and create. It’s all so good.

Embrace all the things, guys.

I also have a pledge to take, courtesy of Ms. So Zo. One that lets me do one of my favorite things, be a #sewcialist with other #sewcialist peeps.

I, Wanett of Sown Brooklyn, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavor to wear handmade twice a week and at least two thrifted items a week for the duration of May 2013!!

Outfit Details
Jacket :: F21
Shirt :: Thrifted (Men’s) from BR
Jeans :: Old Navy
Shoes :: H&M

Kermit-y Day

There was someone feeling green in my family. I spoke too soon about that stomach bug being gone. Son#1 stayed home today. He beat the record for most up-chucks in a day :(

Kermit Day

This is dressing for slightly bloated comfort ;o)
Sweater :: Old Navy
T shirt :: Old Navy
Jeans :: Forever21
Shoes :: Old Navy
Grinch Bag used to carry snacks/lunch/travel teacup/sometimes knitting :: Target ;o)

Kermit Day

Kermit Day

Time to dye that bleached section blue, again.

Kermit Day

This look was also comfy for a quick garment district run to Pacific Trimming for Archer buttons.
Bought #buttons for my #Archer shirt from pacific Trimming. Two choices. Will they motivate me to finish??  #garment #district #newyork #nyc #sewcialist
Of course, I didn’t have the fabric with me. DOH!
Here is a better pic of them, together with the fabric.


And a picture I didn’t even realize I snapped! Lol



You were all so awesome in your thread selection and take it in, let it out advice. So, I’ll ask you, what do you think?
Blue-ish? Or, pewter-pearl-ish?
Consider this a #sewicialist community Archer! LOL