The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

I took a tour of the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, yesterday. A truly amazing space!! Like a normal atelier…on steroids. In space lol. We (Jenny and I) saw soooooo many cools things. In addition a truly enviable space, the tools, designers and common spaces are to die for. I’m feeling so inspired.

These beauties great you when you walk in the door. Pieces from some of the design venture fellows.
 On the far right, you can see the entrance to their conference room. This space can be utilized to by venture fellows to  present collections and rented by locals. As soon as you turn left of this pciture, you’re met with this outstanding sight. Knitting machines roughly the size of a car, lol.

IMG_8764These are Shima Seiki knitting machines. This one is a normal, flat knitting machine. While the one behind it knits an entire garment. That’s not a clear enough description. An entire, finished sweater comes OUT OF THE MACHINE!! Madness.

They also have the Cadillac of 3D printers. I wish I had taken photos of the other samples. Totally unreal. Linked, complex pieces with the fluidity of fabric. But still rigid to the touch. I can’t wait until they give tours for kids. I’m totally bringing my kiddos and as many neighborhood kids as I can grab.
When I look at that space and those tools I see future careers.

The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator is just getting started. I can’t wait to see what they’re made of!

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child


I’m left feeling SO MUCH after watching this!! Too much to get down in any kind of coherent way. Genius ChildIf you have a little time, maybe whilst sewing or knitting, watch and learn about the life, times and art of this radiant, this genius, child.

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

This monster cowl HAD to be photographed in front of some monster street art!!

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

This is pattern no. 1 from Drape Drape Book 1 made up in some cotton knit I bought while on my last Garment District roam with both visiting and local sewcialists. It’s pretty light weight, so I didn’t serge the seams or the cowl’s interior edge. It would have been too visible from the right side (I also didn’t feel like changing the serger thread, let’s keep it real).

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

I tried to reduce the bewb revealing depth of the cowl by removing some width from the center of the front (1/4 inch) and back (1/2 inch) pattern pieces. I then added that width (+ a bit more based on the width of a fave top) to the side seams. This was partially successful as the front is at a totally comfortable, for me, depth. The back is still suuuuper draaaaaaped.

Check it out!!
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

I also fudged the fit a bit more by increasing the seam allowance (by about one inch) when I attached the F&B at the shoulders.  It was enough for the front, but not the back. That damn bra strap refused to stay hidden. The wind was partially to blame.

 Here’s an outtake of me trying to tuck the top into it.

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
And a funny one of a face I am caught making during these photo shoots ALL THE TIME.
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
Which is why there are so few pictures of me facing the camera on this here blog ;)
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
Know your angles, people!

I might attach some little loops to connect the shoulders to my bra straps for extra security, but as I won’t be wearing this version to work, I think it’s fine to stay,  as is. Version 2.0, which will be baby pink and paired with pencil skirts, will definitely get some. It will also be teeny bit shorter (to hit at the waistband of my bottoms) and I’m contemplating using the front pattern piece to cut the back, too.

What do you all think?