Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child


I’m left feeling SO MUCH after watching this!! Too much to get down in any kind of coherent way. Genius ChildIf you have a little time, maybe whilst sewing or knitting, watch and learn about the life, times and art of this radiant, this genius, child.

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

This monster cowl HAD to be photographed in front of some monster street art!!

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

This is pattern no. 1 from Drape Drape Book 1 made up in some cotton knit I bought while on my last Garment District roam with both visiting and local sewcialists. It’s pretty light weight, so I didn’t serge the seams or the cowl’s interior edge. It would have been too visible from the right side (I also didn’t feel like changing the serger thread, let’s keep it real).

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

I tried to reduce the bewb revealing depth of the cowl by removing some width from the center of the front (1/4 inch) and back (1/2 inch) pattern pieces. I then added that width (+ a bit more based on the width of a fave top) to the side seams. This was partially successful as the front is at a totally comfortable, for me, depth. The back is still suuuuper draaaaaaped.

Check it out!!
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

I also fudged the fit a bit more by increasing the seam allowance (by about one inch) when I attached the F&B at the shoulders.  It was enough for the front, but not the back. That damn bra strap refused to stay hidden. The wind was partially to blame.

 Here’s an outtake of me trying to tuck the top into it.

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
And a funny one of a face I am caught making during these photo shoots ALL THE TIME.
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
Which is why there are so few pictures of me facing the camera on this here blog ;)
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
Know your angles, people!

I might attach some little loops to connect the shoulders to my bra straps for extra security, but as I won’t be wearing this version to work, I think it’s fine to stay,  as is. Version 2.0, which will be baby pink and paired with pencil skirts, will definitely get some. It will also be teeny bit shorter (to hit at the waistband of my bottoms) and I’m contemplating using the front pattern piece to cut the back, too.

What do you all think?

A Day of Amusement

Yesterday, hubby took the day off and we hit the road (in a rented van, gosh do we need a van!!) to

Coney Island!

For those not in the know, Coney Island has been a Brooklyn institution since the 1920s!!! It’s history is so long and storied, I’ll leave you that link above to discover more, like the good librarian that I am ;o)





I wore handmade! My cropped Scout with the denim version of the skirt I wore with it the last time. My family were kind enough to snap pics of me all over the park ;o)




We had a really, really great day!! We had different plans, but sometimes a change of plan is the best recipe for an unexpectedly fabulous time!

The highlight of my day?


The Brazilian Connection

I have something finished to show you!! Something that is not a Scout Tee, woven or otherwise ;)
The Brazillian Connection

This dress is super special because the lovely Rachel sent me this gorgeous fabric from Brazil!! We got to spend some quality time together on her last trip to New York and have kept in touch since then. I so wish I could nip off to the UK for some more Rachel time!
The Brazillian Connection

This fabric (which has something of a Basquiat flavor going on, imho) was practically screaming MAXI DRESS, so I had to have Jamie Cristina’s Mission Maxi, of course. Both fabric and pattern have been waiting for their day in the sun and they better be satisfied because it was worn on perhaps the hottest day of my entire life! Jeez was it hot out, yesterday!

The Brazillian Connection

Rachel got to see a teeny bit of Brooklyn while here, but next time, we HAVE to visit DUMBO!! All of the photos in this post were snapped there. I took the kiddies for their first stroll around and ride on the carousel.

IMG_8281Hiya, moody photo of the kiddies!

Jane's CarouselWe threw rocks in the water, played in the park and one of us (me) felt VERY grateful for the not-so-gross public bathroom.

The Brazillian Connection

The Brazillian Connection

This photo gives you a glimpse of the ONLY thing I didn’t like about this pattern, the width of the straps. I wish I’d thought to widen them, the armhole/neckband application was NOT a fun time. I’m not completely happy with that area, but after wearing (and feeling awesome in) this dress all day, it’s a non-issue.

The Brazillian Connection

I also walk really fast and take long strides. I could have used a little more room to groove around the bottom, even though this is a combo of sizes already. Four at the upper/bust area, around 8 at the lower waistline (about where lowrise jeans would sit) and 10 for the rest. This was mostly in an effort to fit the pattern pieces onto the width I had and still have room for my hips, but other than the tummy area being a bit snug, I think it works!

Now I really want to make View C!

More Making with Black & White

This is not even remotely on time for the sew-along BUT I’m posting it anyway.
More Making with Black & White

More Making with Black & White

Top :: Cake Patterns Hummingbird (Green)
Jeans :: F21
Shoes :: Old Navy

It’s possible that this fabric was completely the wrong choice for this top. I say possible, because it may have worked out differently if I cut it smaller. I like my knit tops pretty fitted, but I was being conservative because I was terrified of wasting any fabric from my small Mood stash.

More Making with Black & White

Despite that, I’m pretty pleased with it! I was super comfy today and, of course, I love stripes and I love, love black and white!

More Making with Black & White

Now, I just need the matching skirt!!

More Making with Black & White

I already have a few plain denim skirts so I was planning on the fancier of the two Hummingbird offerings…in denim. :D

International African Arts Festival



IMG_8180  IMG_8169

IMG_8166  IMG_8151



The International African Arts Festival runs through Sunday. I went to check it out today with some of my family. It was brutally hot out, but that didn’t stop the crowds! It is one of the highlights of summer and draws an amazingly diverse crowd.
Check it out if you’re in the market for fun, color, beauty, art, food, good vibes, gorgeous people, drumming, and spending temptation!

The 42nd Annual International African Arts Festival

New York-ing Around

SO. School is out!

My children have never attended any sort of formal summer day camp, as I have been home with them for the most part. This year, I had no idea that I’d still be working this summer. Well, it wasn’t a solid idea. Now that I will be busy with work a few days out of the week, I feel doubly responsible for making the rest of the days fun packed. Today, I lugged home approximately 100 lbs of books from 3 summer reading lists and even managed to choose something that the big girl liked.

And yesterday was the kind of day I hope to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

First, the kids and I headed to The Museum of the City of New York.


We were there to check out the Stephen Burrows exhibit (for my next DOC/event review for Handmaker’s Factory). In short, it was beautiful. For the long, stay tuned.


After that, we hurried home because it looked like rain. We skipped our Central Park dining a la carte plans somewhat reluctantly. But, it was fortuitous as I had totally forgotten that I registered for the Brooklyn Eats event.


We grubbed on tons of delicious samples and I collected business contact info for this year’s holiday market vendor recruiting.

I was dead sluggish at work, today. But it was worth it!

Summer Street Art Series Commences!!

Summer Street Art Series

A great summer day!! Out in the sunshine with my children, wearing sandals and shorts, spotting beautiful street art!!! Some of my favorites!!

Top :: Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank
Shorts :: Refashioned Old Navy capris
Sandals :: F21

Summer Street Art Series

I don’t like the bug part, though ;)
Summer Street Art Series

60s via ’13

1960s via 2013


1960s via 2013
I used the last of this origami bird/weird crown/small-ish white print fabric on this dress about 2 weeks ago, but it only made its debut today! I made a skirt with this fabric, last summer.

I was having a great time (NOT) trying to match patterns with off cuts and short yardages of fabric. Fun times….I was super psyched when I found a match.

1960s via 2013

Sandals :: Madden Girl
Belt :: F21
Dress :: Handmade
using vintage 60s pattern (Simplicity 4298) from the haul of a lifetime

1960s via 2013

This is essentially a (wearable, obviously) muslin. The bodice is a bit roomy in the chest, but still totally passable, in my opinion. I have a few go-to skirt patterns, I really want to get a good go-to bodice in my TNT pattern house. I’m pretty close with this one. I added an inch, but in the wrong place. Not the first time I’ve made this error. I’m trying to decide which fabric to use for version 2.

1960s via 2013

This fabric is cute, but quite unforgiving. It shows pin/needle holes and it tore in two (small) places on try #1000 of inserting the zipper. It was late and I should have left it for another day. Lesson learned. A little fusible interfacing and some strategic fabric marker application and it was alright in the end.

Just look how happy I was!

1960s via 2013

This was before I started sweating like crazy. It was HOTTTTT today! And this fabric left none of the evidence to the imagination….at least it dried quickly. Ahem. ;)

Last day of Me Made May, tomorrow!!! Should I make something new to wear???

Thanks so much for your feedback on being a copycat! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel better!

Also: PAVOT is totally sold out!! Sacré Bleu, lol

Do you think Lee got wind of my plans?