Hudson Valley Tap

Hudson Valley Tap

Pattern :: Katy and Laney Tap Shorts

Fabric :: Mystery blend from Metro Textiles

Tan Lines and Glare :: Blazing Hudson Valley Sun

Hudson Valley Tap

I wish I could provide more details on the size. I started these AGES ago, made a muslin and everything. Which turned out MASSIVE, lol. I cut the shorts out of this fabric in a smaller size, plus some length added (no public exposure for the tops of these thighs), and dove right in. Still too big. I tossed them aside…until I needed some shorts to wear for a long day in the park. Of course, by this time, I had no clue where my pattern was, my computer had died and I was running out of time. Thanks to the Laney half of the K&L team, I got the pattern and was off to the races. I fudged a smaller size, as much as I felt comfortable doing without making them too small.

But. Still too big.

Hudson Valley Tap

But, after sitting on it a while, I think the barrier here is more specifically about preferred fit. The fit on these is perfectly fine, but I have never really worn loose-ish shorts. In fact, all of my bottoms, aside from fit and flare type skirts (of which there are few) tend towards curve hugging. I was reacting to how unfamiliar they felt, not how they actually fit.

Hudson Valley Tap

Once we disembarked from the bus, crossed the scorching grass and settled in for many, many, many outdoor hours at our family reunion, I was grateful (SO GRATEFUL) for a little room to groove.


Hudson Valley Tap

All in all, I’m glad to have the pattern in my hands again and this finished pair on hand to help choose a size.  I love a good shorts, tights and oxfords combo, so I see these made up in wool for winter!


something greater than desire

Paulo Coelho once quoted that it takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory. This desire to have wished that your past was different, that people had treated you the way you deserved to be treated, that you should have been loved differently, taken more seriously, been acknowledged, been accepted, been respected – all this suffering we feel is desire, not pain. These memories shape our souls into the people we are, and our wish to have had something different is little more than a need for our self pity. We suffer because we believe we have a right to a better life, but if we incarcerate ourselves with these memories and thoughts, what kind of a life are we truly giving ourselves? Your desire for something better can be achieved by forgiving those negative thoughts. What hurts us is quite often what heals us. In this world, we all suffer, but if you are able to free yourself from those memories, then you are able to achieve something greater than desire. You achieve peace.”-via Hey Fran Hey

2015: Don’t Give Up

Welcome 2015!

As per usual, I won’t be making any resolutions. Though I will try to live with intent and continue to work on my main goals for life:
confidence, family, saving, goal setting, friend time, creative time, giving back and embracing my inner weird girl.

My children are awesome. I’m determined to give them all the room and support they need to keep being the amazing people they are. It’s easy, too easy, to clip brown and black children’s wings in the name of keeping them safe or in an unintentional attempt to control how they are (sometimes) seen by other people. I hope to show them, through more fully accepting myself and less policing of my own behavior, that they should feel free to be weird, nerdy, loud, quiet, shy, brash, opinionated, colorful, interested, interesting, expressive…


Whatever they need, I’m there.

And so is my hubby. Who is right here, supporting me in the same way.

Unlike previous years, I DO have some concrete things on my list. I have been so inspired by my entrepreneurial and career minded friends. They set their goals and they achieved them. For an unambitious person like me, that is super heroine stuff.

I’d like to take machine knitting, weaving and textile design classes.
I have the interest and the tools. The time and the space.
Must work on focus and action.

For dreams don’t work unless you do.

My motto for 2015 “Don’t Give Up.”

Illustration Friday: Surrender
Ink drawing by me :: Inspiration Don’t Give Up, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?, Noisettes


2014 Hi&Hi: Sewing and Friends

High&High cuz with sewing and family and friends there can be no true lows.


 Gearing up for 2015 {oy!}.
Reading lots of best of posts.
Here are mine.

2015Maravilloso MalvarosaBlack White Houndstooth & Sexy : Double the Kimono : Malvarosa en Denim : Gabby in Ikat

And, an obvious highlight, the Nettie. Which was named for me.  14052346552_dfc61c51cb_hBut, that’s not why it’s a highlight. The deepening of my friendship with Heather, is. She’s just one of the many awesome women who have been instrumental in making one of my dearests wishes come true: having true friends to do shit with.

And to lean on.

They helped me get through some truly stressful parenting and spouse issues. The NYC high school application process has taken years off my life, and an untold number went with worrying for my boys who are hurtling towards teenage-hood. And then there was hubby’s health scare. They’ll never know how much they helped me stay sane. And how much they added to my family life, too. My children adore them and my hubby is happy to know that I have such special friends.

So many of my non-sewing highlights involved them. So many stories shared. So (SO MANY) laughs. No documentation is necessary, but you may have stumbled across an Instagram post or blog hint, or two. I DO wish I had taken a moment to snap a pic of my favorite handmade look of the year which was worn partying with them. But stay tuned! That black wool Nettie dress and my absolute fave Le Animal sweater coat deserve some pics! But until then….