A Day of Amusement

Yesterday, hubby took the day off and we hit the road (in a rented van, gosh do we need a van!!) to

Coney Island!

For those not in the know, Coney Island has been a Brooklyn institution since the 1920s!!! It’s history is so long and storied, I’ll leave you that link above to discover more, like the good librarian that I am ;o)





I wore handmade! My cropped Scout with the denim version of the skirt I wore with it the last time. My family were kind enough to snap pics of me all over the park ;o)




We had a really, really great day!! We had different plans, but sometimes a change of plan is the best recipe for an unexpectedly fabulous time!

The highlight of my day?


Out Of Groove

Friends, I’ve been a bit out of it.

I was worrying over something. Turns out, I was worried was for absolutely nothing.


Can you believe it?

Sometimes you gotta have faith. Or listen to your husband ;)
It fits that I got the worry relieving news on his b-day. He hit the big 4-0, yesterday and the kids and I treated him to dinner.

Then we stumbled into some pre-teen turbulence, quite unexpectedly, and it threw me off again. We straightened it out, though.

To shake the last of the funk, I gathered up the kiddies and headed out.

Liberty @Brooklyn General

Beautiful Street Art

Wood Beasty @Brooklyn Pharmacy & Soda

Periodical Temptation @Barnes & Noble

Donut Peaches @The Borough Hall Farmers Market

Yellow Plums @The Borough Hall Farmers Market

Orange Knit : Blue Liberty : Frankie : Hawthorne

Kid Mags : Diary Books : Bones

Parent Torture

Storm Trooper & Skeleton

My pockets are a little but lighter, but my mood is MUCH brighter! If I manage to get some sewing done I should feel fully restored!

I hope you’ve been having a great weekend, too!

The Brazilian Connection

I have something finished to show you!! Something that is not a Scout Tee, woven or otherwise ;)
The Brazillian Connection

This dress is super special because the lovely Rachel sent me this gorgeous fabric from Brazil!! We got to spend some quality time together on her last trip to New York and have kept in touch since then. I so wish I could nip off to the UK for some more Rachel time!
The Brazillian Connection

This fabric (which has something of a Basquiat flavor going on, imho) was practically screaming MAXI DRESS, so I had to have Jamie Cristina’s Mission Maxi, of course. Both fabric and pattern have been waiting for their day in the sun and they better be satisfied because it was worn on perhaps the hottest day of my entire life! Jeez was it hot out, yesterday!

The Brazillian Connection

Rachel got to see a teeny bit of Brooklyn while here, but next time, we HAVE to visit DUMBO!! All of the photos in this post were snapped there. I took the kiddies for their first stroll around and ride on the carousel.

IMG_8281Hiya, moody photo of the kiddies!

Jane's CarouselWe threw rocks in the water, played in the park and one of us (me) felt VERY grateful for the not-so-gross public bathroom.

The Brazillian Connection

The Brazillian Connection

This photo gives you a glimpse of the ONLY thing I didn’t like about this pattern, the width of the straps. I wish I’d thought to widen them, the armhole/neckband application was NOT a fun time. I’m not completely happy with that area, but after wearing (and feeling awesome in) this dress all day, it’s a non-issue.

The Brazillian Connection

I also walk really fast and take long strides. I could have used a little more room to groove around the bottom, even though this is a combo of sizes already. Four at the upper/bust area, around 8 at the lower waistline (about where lowrise jeans would sit) and 10 for the rest. This was mostly in an effort to fit the pattern pieces onto the width I had and still have room for my hips, but other than the tummy area being a bit snug, I think it works!

Now I really want to make View C!

New York-ing Around

SO. School is out!

My children have never attended any sort of formal summer day camp, as I have been home with them for the most part. This year, I had no idea that I’d still be working this summer. Well, it wasn’t a solid idea. Now that I will be busy with work a few days out of the week, I feel doubly responsible for making the rest of the days fun packed. Today, I lugged home approximately 100 lbs of books from 3 summer reading lists and even managed to choose something that the big girl liked.

And yesterday was the kind of day I hope to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

First, the kids and I headed to The Museum of the City of New York.


We were there to check out the Stephen Burrows exhibit (for my next DOC/event review for Handmaker’s Factory). In short, it was beautiful. For the long, stay tuned.


After that, we hurried home because it looked like rain. We skipped our Central Park dining a la carte plans somewhat reluctantly. But, it was fortuitous as I had totally forgotten that I registered for the Brooklyn Eats event.


We grubbed on tons of delicious samples and I collected business contact info for this year’s holiday market vendor recruiting.

I was dead sluggish at work, today. But it was worth it!

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

Another Sew Along Scout!!!

Top :: Scout Woven Tee
Skirt :: Advance 9916
Sandals :: Target

This time, cropped for some belly exposure. Well, more like ribcage exposure since you will NEVER see me in this top without something with a high waist paired with it ;)
I added little pleats to the sleeves rather than gather them. I think they look sweet!

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

I also made the hem a tiny bit hi-lo. What can I say, I really like that look with a woven tee! The curved lines at the side speak to me. I hope to get my thoughts (and photos) together to share how I modified this and the sunshine tunic version up on Kollabora.

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

I pointed this buggy out to the kids.
Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

They had a teeny freak out when I let it crawl on my hand.
Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

My childhood self also shouted “WTF!?!?!?” as I would never have willing let a bug crawl on me then, lol! Right after the little lady snapped this, it flew away and made them all scream!

Me and the littler three were on our way back from hanging out with Mikhaela and her crew at the sweetest little party! We don’t go to many b-day functions, but I’m so glad we did this time. We had such a nice time. And stumbled across the perfect place to snap a few pics.

Good times.
Scout :: Cropped & Dotted
PS- My husband told me I looked like a little kid, today! I think it might be the midi skirt length paired with flats, lol. AND This cropped Scout also marks the THIRD project I’ve squished out of this dotted rayon challis! Stash busting for the WIN!

Twist of Lime

Twist of LimeFirst, there are truly no words for your absolutely awesome and kind words on my last post!!! I am continually amazed by our online community and I am so happy to be surrounded by so many amazing, supportive, beautiful and talented people!

It’s funny, actually. How one responds to any kind of outpouring of good feeling…I struggled with feeling embarrassed by it rather than embracing it. Do any of you do that with compliments? I did my best to resist those feelings and instead allowed myself to feel good, really good about overcoming that hurdle, sharing it with you all and accepting your compliments.

All kinds of growth and progress.

I’m also a more-than-usually proud Mama, today. My oldest cleared a hurdle this week, too!! She kicked ASS at school today. They have two read-aloud share with parents/teachers/community type events and she really struggled with it the first time. Today, kicking ass and taking names! She was also awarded this Confidence bracelet at their morning meeting. This is so HUGE! So many teachers, and even some of her fellow students, complimented her and marveled at the changes in her.

Kill them with CONFIDENCE

I’m patting myself on the back for another reason, too. Do any of you have an iMac? Where the geniuses at Apple decided to put the SD card slot RIGHT UNDER THE EFFING DISC DRIVE?!?!?

Yeah, got mine stuck in there. And used my Google-fu to find a solution and got the sonofabitch OUT! Never underestimate my resourcefulness when it comes to avoiding paying to repair a stupid mistake I’ve made ;)

Twist of LimeTop :: Archer
(Obnoxiously bright Lime) Tank :: Tarjay
Jeans :: Old Navy
Kicks :: MIA

Summer Street Art Series Commences!!

Summer Street Art Series

A great summer day!! Out in the sunshine with my children, wearing sandals and shorts, spotting beautiful street art!!! Some of my favorites!!

Top :: Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank
Shorts :: Refashioned Old Navy capris
Sandals :: F21

Summer Street Art Series

I don’t like the bug part, though ;)
Summer Street Art Series

Tania in Lomo

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

Coat :: Steve Madden
Sweater :: H&M
Tank :: Old Navy
Culottes :: Me Made Megan Nielsen’s Tania
Shoes :: Madden Girl

These pictures are courtesy of my girls. The oldest took the ones down below and the little one took the ones up top ;)

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

We were on our way home from this month’s BurdaStyle Sewing club meet up. Which was so much fun! I always have a great time when I get together with other sewcialists. It’s a special bonus when the kids can all come along.

And was nice to have a reason to wear this brand, spankin’ new make: Megan Nielsen’s Tania Culottes! They sooo super work! My kids kept questioning me about why they shouldn’t call it a skirt, lol

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

I cut the size medium, with the length of the largest size, and made the waistband pieces a bit larger. I usually have trouble sticking to the recommended seam allowance, but I must have done a good job because the larger pieces were too long. I was able to cut them down, no problem. BUT, I did have a bear of a time with the hems.

I’m sure I was making this face the whole time, lol

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

This challis loved to slip around, so my back pieces ended up longer on the outer edges. Which made it obvious that I wasn’t wearing a skirt which is NOT the point of this cleverly designed pattern. Though it hurt to do, I unpicked both (double) hems, trimmed them even with the front, serged, pressed, and added the new hem. It was a real pain in the ass, but so worth it because I love these!! I need to buy a ton more challis to make a culotte collection ;)

In short, buy this pattern. Make. And wear!

MMM.D1 :: This Time I’m Sure!!

Hello, all!!! I hope you enjoyed my blunder!! If you have no clue what I’m talking about…well sorry you’re left out of the joke ;)

TODAY, you know, NOT yesterday, is my first official day of

And I am wearing a brand new make in honor of the occasion!
The MMM13 Scout

The MMM13 Scout

The MMM13 Scout

The MMM13 Scout

I made this Scout late last night/early this morning when I couldn’t sleep. If only all of my sleepless nights yielded such results. (You can add conquering bias tape hatred to the list of 2013 sewing accomplishments.) I was hit with a bout of insomnia (more like, an inability to sleep because my mind was racing to all of my sad/angry places) and figured I’d better make good use of the time.

Scout only took one hour to make. Which I know thanks to Instagram time stamps. I also whipped up a Tiny Pocket Tank, last night. I snapped a pic and posted it and then immediately got started on this one. I posted the finished top 1 hour later. These two items used almost all (after lots of adjusting and improvising) of the remnants of my Darling Ranges Dress. Which is pretty awesome.

The MMM13 Scout

I didn’t really have a destination, other than school drop off and pick up, until my sis asked for help bringing her artwork home from school. This was nearly my only me made look for the day. As much as I wanted to rock head-to-toe me made, today was not a bare leg day and I was in no mood to futz with stockings.

No worries, I still have lots of May left
And I’d better use at least part of it to make some pants!

The MMM13 Scout
Coat :: Steve Madden
Top :: Handmade using Grainline’s Scout pattern
Pants :: H&M
Shoes :: Old Navy
Purse :: Express

Urban French/Audrey Style

I always feel a little Hepburn-ish with skinnies and ballet flats on.

Urban French Audrey Style

And I always love a little cardi.
Urban French Audrey Style

Together with stripes and a  trench and you have a little French, too.
Urban French Audrey Style

Trench :: Steve Madden
Cardigan :: Halo (thrifted)
Top :: F21
Jeans :: Old Navy
Flats :: Target

I am so jazzed about sewing at the moment! I hope to ride the momentum into Me Made May and add some new pieces to my handmade wardrobe! Speaking of which, thanks for the sewcialist LOVE on my recent  projects!

I love this community!!!

I’m off to give the kids some Oreo ice cream roll. My oldest has had a LONG two weeks with all the testing she’s endured. It’s stressful for everyone, but the most pressure is on the kid. Which stinks. Ice cream heals all wounds though, or at least cheers you up while you eat it!!

Have a good weekend!

Urban French Audrey Style