The “Shake it Like Anne” Romper

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

This project is named for hip-shaking sexbomb, Anne-Margret, who rocked both Elvis and the world, in Viva Las Vegas! When her gorgeous legs weren’t on display she rocked opaque tights for two entire dance sequences!! That’s MOXY!!

The Facts | Viva Las Vegas Challenge
Fabric | Stretch Rayon Blend Suiting :: $2.39 a yard. It’s awesome. It looks like brushed denim. I’m glad I bought so much!
Patterns | A combo of two vintage (Vogue 1128 & Butterick 3530) patterns from the swap that has contributed most to my sewing, the Sew Weekly NYC meet-up.
Year | Both patterns are from the 1960s, I believe.
Notions | Thread and a zip from a huge stash that my grandmother gave me.
Time to complete | It’s hard to say….I cut this and another project out one evening. Then started, and finished project one (a DISASTER of EPIC proportions) before I started the bodice of this one and got interrupted by the Insectpalooza being held in my apartment. I nearly called the whole thing off.
First worn | For silly apartment photos. This thing is way body conscious. I wasn’t up for outdoor photos.
Wear again? | Yes, but on a really hot day when I won’t care how revealing it feels.
Total price | About $5 bucks, I guess.

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

*sigh* This challenge was not without its….challenges. I am not a gambler. I am non competitive by nature (and nurture) and I have no stomach for losing money. But, we were supposed to be inspired by VEGAS, BABY!! So, I rolled the metaphorical dice, and cut out two risky projects.

I started and finished this dress before I realized what a bad choice it was. My body needs back waist darts on a garment and more hip room than this one afforded. And the upper back of sheath type fits are always terrible on me, this one was no exception. This thing looks so bad on, I won’t even put a photo of myself in it on the internet . In fact, I didn’t even take a photo. The fabric was dead cheap, but I feel like I lost a ton at the Blackjack table of sewing.

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

On to project two.

I’ve already had (MUCH!!) success with Butterick 3530. So I knew the shorts were a go. I added a bit more wiggle room this time by cutting slightly larger than the pattern piece. This is try two for Vogue 1128. I added extra width to the bodice last time and it was comically massive. Dolly Parton could have filled it out, lol. This time, I folded out the middle a bit. The darts aligned perfectly with my body, but the bodice was now a bit narrow and didn’t want to match up with the width of the shorts. I compensated by adding strips of fabric to the center back where I had relocated the zipper. I wish I had moved the shorts zip to the side instead, there is some puckering on the lower part of it as it sits now. I could do with a bit of sway back adjusting, too. But, in an effort to avoid any crotch shortness issues, I thought I should err on the side of too much lengthwise ease. If I make this again, which I am considering, I would lengthen the bodice and lower the waistline of the shorts, too.

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the result. My husband certainly liked it. :o) I’m glad I rolled the dice on bad project choices. And pattern mash-up experiments. And tricky fit. And loss of morale. I didn’t let the house win when bugs tried to take over my sewing room. The dealer spun the roulette wheel and my number came up! Cheers (with water, sorry Oona) to that!

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

PS- Sometimes, the house still sneaks in a jab. Check out this zipper job.

Ass Backward Zipper

Can’t see the problem?? Take a closer look.

Ass Backward Zipper


More pics here

Movies & Style :: Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day

I’ve been collecting pins featuring the style of some of my favorite movies. I first watched Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day, based on the 1938 novel of the same name which was written by Winifred Watson (1906 – 2002), when I happened upon it on TV. I thought the title sounded excellent! I am such a sucker for a good title. I clicked over and the beauty of the film, and the great story and performances by the actors, forced me to stay tuned.

It didn’t hurt that the film stars Frances McDormand and Amy Adams, two of my favorite ladies.

1930s fashion is so beautifully portrayed in this film. The wardrobe and the decor threatened to steal the show from the actors.
I mean, look at Delysia’s bedrooom.

Can you even stand it???

These are some of my favorite looks.

Plus, Moaning Myrtle aka Jude (B. Jones’ bestie) looking lovely!

         I bought this DVD recently. I haven’t cracked it open yet, but tonight is the night.

I hope you’re having a good night!


Birchbox #1

I joined the beauty subscription site Birchbox.  I had never even heard of this kind of thing until I read about it on Kendra’s Closet Confections. This is why reading lots of blogs can be dangerous.

Here’s what was in mine.

1. Birchbox #1, 2. Birchbox #1, 3. Birchbox #1, 4. Birchbox #1, 5. Birchbox #1, 6. Birchbox #1

That hand cream smells DIVINE and I’ve never had such fancy (and plumping) lip balm before, lol. I’m not much into perfume, but this one has a light enough fragrance that I might try to wear it. I’ve been curious about this hair product brand, though my hair is so thick, this sample might not provide the full experience. Speaking of hair, a woman on the street told me that mine was beautiful! That’s always nice ;o)

It’s a short week, but a busy (for me) one. We have two school meet-and-greets (my big boy has been accepted to a new school, fingers crossed for space to open up for the twins). One of them is threatening to ruin my weekend hang out date with a friend ;( but what can you do??? I’m sure we’ll have fun and it will be great to  meet some of the other parents and students, too.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

Top :: Thrifted Banana Republic Button-up
Jeans :: Old Navy Skinnies
Shoes :: Target
Accessories :: Earrings from my sis. Vintage necklace and bangles from my grandma. Purse from F21.

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

You might be wondering why I’m all covered up on a rare hot day in NYC. Well, thanks to some manner of insect (likely spiders, I had a bad time with them when I was pregnant with my oldest but this is worse) I have many (itchy, painful) red splotches on my right forearm and the lower ankle area of BOTH legs. I am PISSED! I feel vain even being so worried about the potential scars that they will leave, but the truth is that’s what bothering me the most. Well, aside from my fear that they will keep attacking me. I’m literally losing sleep over it. Last night was okay. Wish me luck going forward.

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

ps- these shoes hurt the back of my feet like a son of a B.

Style & Music :: Yuna & Kimbra

I recently had the great fortune to become familiar with the work of these women. Along with beautiful, deep, soulful voices, both women are stunning and stylish in their different ways.

Yuna gives us an undeniable bohemian feel. Her colorful head coverings and her loose, covered up style is conservative without being in the least bit boring.

And Kimbra’s bold, often 50s inspired, looks are a feast for the eyes. She is at once sensual and slinky and quirky and cheerful.

Do yourself a massive favor and check out their work.

Source: via Portia on Pinterest


Settle Down :: Cameo Lover

Source: via Carlia on Pinterest


Deeper Conversation :: Decorate


We have two winners!!

Angela A has won Style Me Vintage Hair!!


Juliette has won the Victory Pattern of her choice!!

When I contacted Victory Pattern‘s proprietress, Kristiann, about sending the last giveaway winner her pattern, she congratulated me on Missy making the honor roll and very kindly offered to provide any future giveaway winnings free of charge! Isn’t that awesome of her??

I want to thank everyone for their kind words!! They mean so much to me, truly. I try very hard to be the best parent I can be, so their success and happiness makes me feel successful and happy!!

*Because there were multiple comments in some places, the random selection was out of 25, not 29(the total tally of comments). Those entries were counted as one.*

Flicks & Acquisitions

My hubby and I had another matinee date this week. We saw The Avengers, which was insanely awesome!!! Everything great that you’ve heard about it is true. GO SEE IT!

Hubby snapped this flick of me. We had to walk around to kill time before the movie started and we drifted towards the water. This area is a world away from Times Square, even though it’s only blocks away. There was even a (brave or crazy) duck in the water! You can just barely see it.

Meanwhile, back at home, mosquito attacks on my person continued unabated. Both of my ankles were targeted. My bites are into the double digits, now. I headed out after I took the kids to school this morning. I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to avoid being bitten. These motherfuckers have swollen to the point of pain and I haven’t even been scratching?!?!? As I type this I am sitting with a thick fleece robe covering my legs to avoid further trauma.

Anyway, the oldest two needed pants (the girl is model tall and the boy has worn holes(!!!) into the bottoms of his pant legs) so I headed to the nearest mall. I can never pass up a chance to shop in Target when it’s practically empty (week-days at 9 am). I have equal trouble avoiding the shoe department and the $1 section.

Pour moi:

My New, Neutrals

Pour mes bébés:

Glow in the dark stars and planets.

I’m stewing on the Vegas challenge for next week and getting reacquainted with some old faves!

Source: via Wanett on Pinterest

The “40{s} Yard {Slap}Dash” Ensemble

The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble
Here’s a tip I will tell you for free:

*taps mic*


This has been a public service announcement.

People, when you are given clear, concise and specific instructions on how best to perform a task, and you choose not to heed them, you deserve what you get. I managed to follow through on Steph’s drafting instructions quite well. This is a massive feat, for I am the queen of winging it. I used Lydia as my base, of course, and off I went. Things began to fall apart when instructions like: trace this piece using interfacing, mark point A on all pieces, add seam allowance were used. This semi-pleasing result is the work of much, unnecessary, forcing into submission after the fact (and liberal use of the shadowing feature on picmonkey).  Listen to Steph. You have been warned.

The skirt making was a much happier experience.

The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble

Which was great, since I chickened out on making the shorts I had planned. Scallops and flippy skirts are totally 40s fashion, right??? I can hardly believe how well this went. I’m still a bit flabbergasted. Of course, I skipped letting the bias settle before hemming, so I will pay for that at an undetermined point in the near future. I did the waistband a bit different than the last time I used it. I sewed in the iron-on interfacing. I stacked it along with the waistband pieces (right sides facing on those) and stitched the scalloped side, then clipped and trimmed (precisely) and turned it right side out. THEN I pressed the interfacing to the fabric. I’ve never had such good results with iron-on. Or, indeed, produced a better looking waistband on a skirt.

I have to admit, I was never a huge fan of little flippy skirts. I walk really fast, which makes them kick up in the back and I am often caught in a breeze, which leads to Marilyn moments. I’m just going to invest the time to make some little slips and tap pants to wear under them because, they are SO here to stay!

The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble

The Facts | 1940s Challenge
Fabric | Navy Stretch Rayon Jersey :: $4.98 a yard :: less than one yard used. Rayon Challis in Speckled Red $1.98 a yard :: It was very wide so, I was able to use a yard or so for the skirt.
Patterns | Vivat Veritas Scallop Waist skirt, which is well on its way to becoming my TNT, non-pencil skirt, pattern. Steph’s AMAZING 40s Charm, Blank Tee hack.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread, a zip, a bit of interfacing.
Time to complete | Three or four hours?? There was MUCH forcing into submission after the fact, with regard to the shirt. I was so completely distracted, a mosquito feasted (7 bites!!!) on my right arm while I was pinning and top stitching like a fiend. The skirt practically made itself.
First worn | I kept the shirt on all day. I only wore the skirt at home, it’s a bit rainy here for bare legs, flippy skirts and sandals.
Wear again? | Yes, I put the shirt on after I finished browbeating it and I wore it with jeans to pick up my kiddies from school. It’s soooo cute and a nice break from regular tees. If the summer ever arrives, I expect this skirt (and the 3 I have planned with my remaining rayon challis prints) to be worn quite a lot. You have all witnessed how I use patterns to death reuse patterns. Expect more 40s Charm tees and half circle skirts in the future!
Total price | I guess we’ll call it $6? Less than $10, to be sure.
The "40 Yard {Slap}Dash" Ensemble

You can see more pics here.

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Good News Day GIVEAWAY

The wait is over and the news is good!!

My baby got into the middle school of her choice!!!!

We are so excited for her! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I don’t know how I would have consoled her when I would have been just as devastated as she would have been if she did not get in.

To celebrate, I will be giving her something that will make her scream, lol. She LOVESSSSSS Barbie (I, know. I know.) and has been receiving catalogs from here for a few months. They had a sale a while back for Barbie’s b-day and I took the time to order a few things for her graduation present while the getting was good.

These two items were part of the order and were two of the things that she hinted at wanting. She also wanted a Bob Mackie doll that I would have had to put in a safe deposit box, lol. It’s safe to say that we went with the affordable options available.

Missy will have those treats and

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Everyone gets just the one entry.

I just love to hear about what people are reading and eating and I love to find new blogs ;o)

*In the event that an international visitor wins the book, we will work out the best way to get it to you.*

You have until Midnight (eastern standard time) Thursday, May 24th to enter!!


EDITED TO ADD: This giveaway is over. Thanks to those who entered!!

My Style Mission

Reading this post over at Stylish Thought, brought to mind some things I think about often. There is no way that I will ever be the kind of woman that goes all out with her style each and every day. Some Most days, I just want to grab my jeans and a tee and go. No matter how much I love the look of high heels, I CANNOT WALK IN most of THEM, and I will NOT (and cannot) sacrifice my ability to walk for fashion (I have children to keep up with).

Despite that, I have granted myself permission (thanks, Self!) to mix my grab-and-go days with

Those are the days when I asked:

Will my style ever be as cute as Zooey Deschanel, Solange Knowles, Tracee Ellis Ross and all of those gorgeous damn women (Nikki, JasmineMarianne, Karla, Kendra) on my Pinterest style board???

I can reply:

Yes! Sometimes!

Those are the days when I will take my style queues from ladies who know better. When I ask myself “Self? Can I wear these prints together??”  Self will say back “What would Tracee say??”


When I say “Self? Can my big hair be chic??” Self will reply “Look at Ms. Knowles!”

“Self? Does an arm full of bangles + the green beaded necklace= hot mess??” Self would say

“Stop asking me questions and go get dressed!!!”

The thing is, I’ve made this kind of declaration before. And it lasts a while. Then one day, I get dressed and feel…not like myself. And then I take off a necklace. Then a ring. And grab my jeans… I just saw this on pinterest and I think it sums up why I react that way.

Source: via Miss on Pinterest

I don’t think I am the kind of person who cares about her appearance. Or, I don’t think that I look well in a certain kind of look. I think that’s one of the main things that blogging and sewing so much this year and all of the great feedback you’ve given me has re-taught me.

You look good when you feel good.
You feel good when you feel confident.
You feel confident when you’ve applied yourself and accomplished something.

Hopefully, the changes I feel are permanent. I feel like they finally are.