Table centerpiece

Table for 6!

Did a quick project with the kiddies earlier. We replanted these cute little succulents in some glass vases we had leftover from past flower deliveries. I bought these little blue marbles in place of stones, which Home Depot didn’t appear to have, and we used the rocks we collected recently as accents.

The supplies

One is surrounded by rocks meant to represent the six of us. Black for dad, purple for mom, pink for daughter#1, blue for son#1, red for the girltwin and green for the boytwin.

Family Stones

Family Stones

There is one with some of the larger stones and leftover marbles and the center one features the remaining rocks waiting for paint or crochet covers.

Blue marbles and stones

Rock Plate

The plate holders they’re sitting on are from the Salvation Army making this whole project affordable as well as easy.

Rock Hunter

I had such a great weekend spending time with my family! We took a much needed trip to IKEA and had a general good time together. I also spied this post at Geninne’s blog (one of my absolute favorite art blogs, btw) this weekend. I became obssessed with making some crochet covered stones to decorate my new room, the living room and for my boys who have decided that they are collecting rocks.
I planned to go to a home store or hardware store to buy some, because I couldn’t fathom finding what I needed on the streets of Brooklyn. Well the hardware store only had pebbles. So, on the walk to take my oldest to art class, we hunted.

IMG_8898 Photo by the Girl Twin


And it turns out I was WROOOOONG!

Look at this!

IMG_8953 Photo by Son#1

And these!


I brought my booty (teehee) home and washed them up.

And laid them out to dry.

These four are my favorites.

Can you see how that one looks like a skull?!?!

I love nature!

I’m hoping to use these smaller ones to make terrariums with the kiddies soon.


Now, just to find my embroidery floss and I’ll be all set to start!

Super Sized Doily

Super Sized Doily Begins
The beginning.

Super Sized Doily Floating

Super Sized Doily Blocking

Super Sized Doily In Use
In use.
With (totally by accident) matching toenails.

Pattern: Large Hipster Doily
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, held double
Hook: Size K

For my next trick
Up Next: Tiny Patchwork Purses
Tiny Patchwork Purses.
Because I am experiencing garment sewing FAIL!

Though, I did trek to the library (sewing machine is now working, so of course the printer broke) to print out patterns for Sorbetto, the Bombshell Dress, sailor shorts and a scallop detail skirt. All of that taping together sounds like fun….

Good things

Listening to my children’s joy over spotting a rainbow in the sky.

Rainbow is Brooklyn
It made them SO happy!

Thrift finds.
Thrift Finds
These made ME so happy!
The baskets and former plate holders now live in the bathroom. The mirror is right on time as my old one was broken recently. I have plans to recover that little ironing board in the background. Let’s see how long it takes me to actually do it…

Shortish to Shorter

New/Old Shorts
New shorts in the sprinklers!!

A super easy refashion to get me back into the sewing groove. Tim Gunn, and my husband ;P, will certainly be happy to see this pair of not-quite-shorts-or-pants transformed into something else.

Here they are in the original, kinda fugly, fit

They stop just below where the photo ends. Why did Old Navy sell this particular length, and further more why did I buy it?

Here they are on the swing ;o)

Me on a swing

I LOVE to swing in the park. I’ve had a lot of opportunity as there are not many older kids in the park at the time we’re there.

Also, a gratuitous hair shot.
Pinned up twists

And one more of the shorts with a hint of red lips ;O)
New/Old Shorts

School is done for the week. Getting everything done nearly finished me. I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes next year. I hope to pack in some crafting this week and space out my work enough for the next course (and ya know not plan anything drastic like moving) to get more things done this summer. A giant pink doily and progress on my woman cave coming up soon!!