Drool Worthy Etsy shops

I sometimes troll Etsy for inspiration like one would Anthropologie or…whatever else the people of the blogisphere are inspired by. At least once a day, I fall totally in love with something that I either don’t need or can’t afford. Usually both.

Here are some clothing designers that I love to covet:

Lirola- Who makes stretch jersey both casual enough AND elegant enough to wear any where.

David Chou Design- Look at these pants. They could make anybody’s ass look hot.

Hier Apparel- If I had my way, I’d own one of everything in this shop. Maybe two of each belt.

Modaspia- So simple, yet elegant.

Forêt- Again. Simplicity and grace.

NewExtrave- The designer of these looks must see my secret desire to live in loose skirts and exceptionally wide leg pants for the rest of the summer.

And a few little things that I absolutely don’t need but WANT:

Lilla Lotta- Obviously, I must put twill tape on everything now.

Karaku- Every kind of stamp your heart could ever desire, nevermind that you don’t actually have anything to stamp.

Brookish- Because who doesn’t want to carry a lilttle piece of Darcy or Wentworth with them everyday?

Vessels and Wares- I promised myself that when I grew up, I would fill my house with all the lovely things I didn’t have while young. Then I went and had children which kinda put the kibosh on that… This is the best update of a childhood favorite ever! I loved our wire mesh hanging basket, but this one kicks its ass!

So spill. What’s on your covet list?

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