Keeping secrets

I don’t know how pattern designers do it. I have finished the main part of my design and I want so badly to post photos and get feedback from you guys. As usual I tried it on Missy and she made a face. I asked her what was the problem and she just shrugged. I would be upset but I know it was not about the knitting, it was about her playtime being interrupted for such trivial nonsense as knitting saving her mothers sanity.

What’s that you say? Why am I nearly insane? We are officially moving, FAR away from my beloved neighborhood. Why you ask? Their are many reasons, most of which I don’t feel comfortable posting for the (hypothetical) world to see. But I know it’s for the best and I also know that I am being a baby and I need to get over it. Anyway back to the pattern, which I think I am going to call Ladybug, I was thinking of submitting it to Knitty. Here’s the catch though. The deadline for pattern submission is March 15, we are moving this weekend (yikes!!!) and the wonder twins tentative discharge date is Monday. Lot’s happening in the time between now and the 15th. Can I fit the pattern to Knitty’s format and combat my severe lack of self confidence and overall crappy mood in the next few days while packing, along with limited computer access? Maybe not. So what I will probably do is write the pattern and post it here, perhaps for a small fee. You know I never ever say the word perhaps but I write it all the time. Weird. BTW, can any one point me to a tutorial for posting patterns and adding the “buy now” button, and accepting fee’s and all that jazz?

What are the odds that Knitty would choose a pattern from a first time designer from all of their submissions anyway?

Reduce, reuse, recycle

While going through my things planning for the move I came across a startling quantity of clothing that I can either no longer fit or would never dare wear again. Some of those items were sweaters that I had grand ideas of turning into pillows. My mom’s b-day is in two days and I thought that they would make a great gift for her. Well I was reminded of why I like to give things without a deadline looming. They came out okay but not at all like I expected or planned really.

Mommy's Pillow 2

Mommy pillow 1
The yellow one is ruffled all around and the gray and black one has a removable cover. Nice enough but I may have another go at it tomorrow.

In baby news the Wonder Twins have a tentative date to come home. Their doctor thinks they should be ready to go by the end of next week so fingers crossed. I’m sure that everyone’s positive thoughts have helped. The doctor thinks that they have come along great so far. This good news reminded me that I never got the ribbon for Mimi’s sweater so I went to Save-a-thon knowing that I always manage to spend at least $10 a visit despite my best efforts. Well today the .99 cent ribbon rack nearly made me break my promise. Well I shouldn’t say nearly because I still bought more than I should have. I also needed ribbon for the tank sweater I’m designing. I wanted both a casual and dressy ribbon so I grabbed those too and two extra just because ;0)
Save-a-thon goodies

I used the one second from the bottom for Mimi’s sweater and the red and the white polka dot ribbons are the dressy and casual options for the design project. The box is for my mom too. I’m going to let Missy paint it for her, my mom loves it when she makes her things.

Knit socks

I guess the aforementioned big ass sock seemed to be HUGE because I haven’t actually seen many hand knit socks in person. I received the lovely cabled footie’s from my one skein secret pal Jenn (BTW you can see the evidence of how much I love them in how well worn they are) and when I meet with the other Ft Greene knitters last summer Lisa had a sock with her. Aside from these two examples my actual face to sock contact with other hand knit beauties is non-existent. Despite the sock fitting I still felt that this thing was beyond large. That is until I took this picture:

It looks just like other knitters sock photos! Hurray! Okay I’m tired and I get silly when I’m tired. And I may be having a mini bout of post partum depression. I am very snappy and short at times and I have been feeling really overwhelmed. But I’m trying to pour those feelings through my fingers and into my knitting. So far I haven’t lost it on any strangers, however close I may have been at times, and I am making it from one day to the next so I think that’s good enough for now ;)

Big ass sock

I just wanted to check in to say that the Wonder twins are doing great and will hopefully be home soon. We may also be moving soon too. Scary stuff. Moving right along.

As for the title of this post. I have made significant progress on the husbands sock finally. I have knit the cuff, turned the heel and made it halfway down the foot. It. Is. Huge. Is this normal? This is my first sock to make it this far as well as my first husbeast sock so I have no frame of reference. It does fit him so I guess that’s what I should go by.

I have finished all of my miniswap stuff and photographed it. I’m trying to wait until they get it before posting photos but I may not be able to wait. I’m really happy with how everything came out and I hope that they like it. Although I must admit it is weird to send the finished stuff away. I wasn’t expecting that. This is the first serious swap that I have been a part of. I’m mailing it out on Tuesday, I just hope that they like everything.

I have also started on my very first design project. So far so good ;) Pics soon.

Miniswap Madness

Though design fever has set in I had one obligation to fulfill before I gave the fever my full attention (I did go and get the book that Veronique suggested). I mentioned joining Mommycoddle’s Miniswap and I then didn’t talk about it again. Missy is still talking about going to Paris and I asked Molly if she could partner us with someone from there if they joined and if not Paris then someone outside of the US. We were matched with Kathryn and her son Jack. Now for some reason I was expecting to be partnered with someone with a daughter, perhaps because Missy was participating in the swap. I hadn’t given as much thought to what to make for a boy as I had done for girls. This was great practice for making things for my own sons so I am very happy that we were partnered with little Jack. Missy has really gotten into the idea of making things to give away to him and that was what I wanted her to learn the most. She does keep saying that she wants to make things for his sister despite the fact that I have said over and over that he doesn’t have a sister as far as I know. Then she told me that his mom should be pregnant so that he can have a sister. I tried to think of the best way to explain that you can’t tell other people that they should be pregnant but I got a headache trying to come up with something age appropriate.

I am very happy with what we made so far. I wanted to really give this my full attention because we are mailing our stuff out late due to the madness that is my life right now. The wonder twins are doing great and we are hoping that the doctors will feel comfortable enough to give us an approximate date for when they can come home soon. My mom has come over a couple times so far to give my apartment a once over. My mom must have been born with extra genes that make her great at cleaning and organizing. She really enjoys it and she is very good at it. I keep threatening to make her some business cards and flyer’s to start her own business. While cleaning I came across some pictures of Missy. These were from as early as her first week of life to a few months ago. I was surprised at how much she looks like the twins in the pictures. I had many weepy mommy moments that I won’t get into. It’s true that kids really do grow up fast. Pics of the swap goodies soon.

Design Fever

Is there something in blogging that encourages the desire to design knitwear? I have always been a creative person and enjoyed crafting and writing and other “artist” type stuff. After I finished the baby sweaters ans showed Missy she said what about me and Woodji. Damn. Muggles making us feel guilty.The following week my husband said something very similar and on came more guilt. For some reason I cannot finish a sock so I was trying to think of something to make my husband that he could wear, and that I wanted to knit. I have bad luck with adult size hats and he is too big to knit an entire sweater for. He really likes turtlenecks so I asked him if he would wear a turtleneck vest if I knit him one. He said yes and on came the ideas of how to design one for him.

Then I thought that is one big experiment so why not make a child sized version to try it out and end up making something for my son in the process. Missy seems to forget that she got the Hated sweater and the hat and scarf set that she wears everyday. But kids have a very selective memory when it comes to the things they have. But that sweater has errors-a-plenty I would probably do a much better job this time around with the same design. In fact I could probably fix most of what I didn’t like now.

So now I have the design bug. I was online ordering yarn before I knew what my fingers were doing. I dreamed up a coordinating design that would be good for little girls too since I do have two of each. Then came the sketching and the search for the perfect details and then the research for standard measurements because while I’m at it why not try to formally write a pattern too. My mind has been working overtime lately. I think I’m trying to keep busy so the time can go faster. Recovering from a c-section is a bitch and being away from my little ones really fucking sucks. Traveling back and forth to the hospital in 9 degree weather while recovering from a c-section and feeling like shit each time I have to say goodbye to the wonder twins really, really fucking sucks. But I digress. Maybe pattern designing and knitting like a maniac and endlessly refreshing the bloglines page and checking my email will make things go by faster.

Welcome Wonder Twins

Well medicine can’t stop nature. My twins were welcomed into the world on January 30th one minute apart. I went back for a sono and things seemed to have progressed from my last one. Up to L&D I went and the attending decided to give me a c-section before my water broke. Baby b was transverse or in everyday terms he was across my belly rather than up and down. This may have caused him to come out breech and possibly go into distress. So as disappointing as it was to have a c-section after two natural births this moment was not about me and what I wanted but what was best for them. They are a little small and still need some time to mature in the NICU but for premies and twins they are big and doing really well. But to a mom it’s a little like torture leaving them there, and my other two are still being shuttled around periodically until I’m getting around better. But I did get to spend a few days with Woodji and see him smile, he has the best smile ever, and hear him laugh, his laugh is pretty great too. Missy is growing up so fast I feel like I must be missing something important when she is away from me. She has lost her two front teeth and she is even cuter than usual, which is pretty hard because she’s already really cute. I love my kids if you can’t tell ;).

My newest son looks just like his brother and his dad and my newest daughter looks like her big sis and me I guess ;). Is it weird that I feel weird about posting their pics and using their names? I mean I really call them Missy and Woodji more than their names, and so far we have Mimi as Wonder twin A’s nickname and we’re working on Wonder twin B’s nickname. Oh and of course they are already called the wonder twins, both my husband and uncle are comic book fans.

But before going back into the hospital I had time to do this

Pattern: Tomten, Knitting Without Tears, Zimmermann
Yarn: Bernat Love Bug (Discontinued)
Needles: Denise size 7′s
Buttons: Grandma’s buttons!!!
Started: January 24
Finished: January 26
Loved: January 26!!!!
New techniques: Applied I-cord and buttonloops
These buttons are so old my grandma can’t remember where she got them from. They were with her sewing machine when I umm borrowed it from her :). I used the attached I-cord edging and I am officially in love with it. I also used the buttonloop tutorial from Amelia Raitte’s website. I had to do that from memory because the last working computer in the house has died. I’m posting from my sister’s laptop. I would make a statement like what else could go wrong but that would be like asking for it wouldn’t it? This is my fastest knit ever, until I finished these two hats in two days time, maybe less.

Started: January 27
Finished: January 28
Loved: Right away!
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine and Bernat Love Bug
Needles: Size 3 DPN’s and Size 7 DPN’s both metal and probably Susan Bates brand

I have also gotten a lot of work done on something for me.

I am about to run out of yarn so I am doubling up some green merino aran and I really like how it looks so far. It would seem that anxiety, no school, and immobility make for a lot of knitting here at knitology. I learned two new techniques and I want to start applying I-cord to everything and never work a button band again. Once I’m all healed and everyone is at home I may not knit another stitch for months but I am looking forward to it.