There's no place like HOME

Well I have had quite the week. A routine sonogram turned into a 1 week stay in the hospital on complete bed rest. This last week was filled with powerful drugs to stop the contractions that I was having and many painful shots in the legs to prevent blood clots from the inactivity of being on bed rest. They managed to stop the contractions and switch me to an oral pill that performs the same function as the drugs they were giving me via IV. I have to stay virtually inactive at home and I had to send my son to stay with my mom and mother in law to avoid having to pick him up. He is 17 months old and weighs app. 25 lbs which is more than half what his sister weighs and she will be 6 March 1st, he’s a big boy. The most painful part of it all was being away from my children. My daughter sounded so pathetic on the phone that I cried every time I spoke to her I have only seen my son once in the last 8 days and I feel really guilty being home without him here. My sister has very graciously agreed to stay with us so she can help me while the hubby is at work. She has been helping with getting Missy to and from school and getting me what I need from the store and kitchen both while at the hospital and now at home. My whole family rallied to help and I am feeling even luckier than usual.

Some may wonder why I didn’t know I was having contractions. Well my body has the unique ability to go through the early stages of labor with no pain. Until my water breaks I feel totally fine. In fact when having Woodji they were giving me drugs to induce contractions and I still felt fine this baffled the doctors and nurses on call. Right now I’m already three centimeters dialated and I did not feel anything getting there. Very lucky right? But once my water breaks look out. The pain is fast and intense. I start dialating like someone flipped a switch and went through the birth of both children with no pain killers at all. Missy came too fast to even get an IV in and Woodji was in distress and it was inadvisable to get pain killers, but even if I could have gotten them I was ready to push within minutes of asking for them. But enough about scary labor pains and contraction talk. I have knitting.

This is the February Baby sweater from The Knitters Almanac.
Baby girl A's sweater

February Baby Sweater
Pattern:The Knitters Almanac, Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Crocus (Stash yarn that was going to be a tunic from IK but I never would have finished it at that gauge)
Needles: Knitpicks Classic Circular Size 3 (Love them BTW)
Started: Some time in December (I think)
Finished: 1/24/07
Loved: 1/24/07

I know it looks different. I apparently lack the necessary brain function to knit lace and was lost and off pattern by the third row. I switched to SS and winged it. I love it. I added a row of eyelets to run a ribbon through as a closure.
Now I’m making a baby blue tomten for Baby boy B. I should have lots of progress due to all of the bed rest. For those of you who read here that have blogs that I visit I promise I caught up with everything you guys are up to but I haven’t had time to comment. Happy B Day Gleek, nice Tute Jess, your sweater looks great so far Carrie (that is Baby girl A’s middle name btw after my Great grandmother), go Bears Jess, I like you haircut V and your mitten Lisa.

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8 thoughts on “There's no place like HOME

  1. oh my god!! i’m so glad to hear that you and the babies are ok. you must have been a little freaked out when they said “TO BED!” right away. that would have me in tears. but oh my! expedited labor! i can only hope it goes that fast for me :)

  2. You are so lucky to have an amazing support network to see you through this bed rest period. Think of it as YOU time to rest up and prepare yourself for twins. Plus, lots of knitting time!! The February jacket looks great – even without the lace! I’m more for the simple look of stockinette myself. Nice job!

  3. Oh no! I wish you could see the bed rest as a nice relaxing time… So sad that your son is making you sad :(It seems like things are under control though, right? Let us know if you need anything, after all, we’re right around the corner! PS I love your february sweater.

  4. I know this has got to be hard for you, especially not being with the little ones. I really hope the rest of your pregnancy is calm & uneventful. I love that pink sweater.

  5. Wow, bed rest sounds like NO FUN, no fun at all. Hang in there! Thank goodness you have a decent support system. GO BEARS!!!

  6. How lucky that you had a routine sonogram to pick up the problem! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be away from you son at a time like this, but you have an amazing family. You’re lucky that they are close by. I’m having my first baby in Holland, and my family and friends are all in the states. It must feel like a dark time now, but when your little one arrives safe and healthy, it will make all the hardship seem worthwhile. Sending good wishes.

  7. oh honey, i’m so so sorry that this happened but i’m relieved that you are ok. i can’t fathom how hard it must be to be away from your kids, but you have to do what’s best for you. and your baby sweater looks so great! (i love that carrie was your great grandmother’s name. i feel like it’s a nice, old-fashioned name.) be well!!!!

  8. Oh yikes, I’m so sorry about all of the trauma! But am glad all 3 of you are doing OK now. Bedrest, yikes. Sound slike you’re going to have a little more knitting time than you hoped for. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way.And beautiful baby sweater!

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