Swaps and do-alongs

I just wanted to post to some new things I have jumped on board with. First up the Miniswap over at MommyCoddle.

I was too late to participate the last go round. I really think that Missy will enjoy receiving a package from someplace else in the world. She really likes to look at maps and hear facts about other places. She also needs to work on sharing so I think it will great for her to work on things to give away to others to drive home that point. Right at this moment she is in the middle of the living room floor trying to make the box my new sewing machine came in into a doll house (more on that after its test drive tomorrow). She is wallpapering with construction paper right now. I may find her some inexpensive wrapping paper to use while we are out enjoying this lovely spring, excuse me, winter we’re having. I mean really it was easily 70 degrees out today.

I have also joined in for the next Project Spectrum, but I know anyone reading this blog already knows all about it from last time.

The other new button hanging in the sidebar is for Snap a dozen days over at Unwind.
I found this on a blog that I can’t recall now. I find it much less daunting to join short term things like the miniswap, and things I don’t have to do daily like snap a dozen days and project spectrum. I think that the concept is great. I had to drop the photography class I was enrolled in at school when I found out that I was pregnant with Woodji and I was really disappointed. We have a really great digital camera and a basic but nice 35 mil film camera (and two Super 8 camera’s from Film 1 in case you wanted a full inventory) that I would love to utilize more fully. So this is a chance to read the manuals and try some features other than point and shoot. I already have a subject in mind for this month and I even have some ideas for the coming months too. I can’t wait to get started on them all. I hope some of you join in too.

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2 thoughts on “Swaps and do-alongs

  1. i joined project spectrum and knit from your stash this year. i think that i can do both even after giving birth! my goal with PS will be to take photos with those colors as much as possible. it should be fun!i love the mommy swap idea. i can’t wait to see what you give and receive!

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