For Teacher

Missy’s teacher Ms. R gave her a gift even though we don’t really celebrate the “holidays”. Any one that knows my daughter knows that she loves dolls, all kinds but especially Bratz dolls. While these dolls are a little shall we say sexy she loves them. She has named every doll she has ever had, and she easily has 50 full size Barbie and Bratz dolls and 50 or more random tiny ones from Happy Meals and the like. She can remember all of these doll names even after not seeing them for months and in some cases more than a year as we put several in time out because she constantly left them in the floor. I say all of that to inform you of just how much she appreciated Ms. R giving her a new Bratz doll. She named her Damica and she became the sister of the last two Bratz dolls she received from a cousin and an aunt a few weeks before. So as a thank you I made these for Ms. R.

Ms. R's gift

Ms. R's gift

Projects: Eye glasses case, zipper pouch, wallet and tissue holder
Fabrics: Denim, apple fabric, corduroy, and muslin for lining
Started: Sometime over winter break
Finished: In wee hours of the morning 1/02/07
Loved: In the wee hours of the morning 1/02/07 ;)

I used some of that great apple fabric used by some fellow Brooklyn bloggers at Brooklyn General. That was my first trip there and it was so lovely. I also got several colors of wool felt that feels and looks light years better than craft felt. I left before I spent a fortune in there, but I’ll be back, soon ;).

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