Talkin' 'bout resolutions

Why do we bother? Better still why do I bother? But here we go:

1. Try to keep a cleaner house.
This will be complicated by my husband’s insistence on leaving no less than three jacket and 4 pair of socks in the living at all times, including now.
2. Remember to take time for me.
If I take better care of myself I can take better care of my family. I always feel better after I’ve had some time to recharge my Nettie battery.
3. Try not to get so worked up over things that I cannot change.
This one keeps making it on the list but truthfully I don’t think I am any better than the first time I tried to do it.
4. Work hard on business.
I flaked out on two things this year and it really hurt me emotionally. While one was out of my hands the other was totally on me. I have confidence issues and they played big in that one.
5. Oh yeah, be more confident in my abilities.
I have a problem with self criticism and it is crippling at times. I can do many things well. I’ll write it again. I can do many things well. It’s okay to say that, I’ll remind myself daily. Maybe I’ll make a sign.
6. Craft more with Missy.
This week more than ever we have done crafty things separately and together. She has shown an interest in everything I have worked on and loves the doll I made her from this book. She still loved it when her teacher gave her a new Bratz doll the next day.
Missy painting
These were on sale at Save-a-thon in Brooklyn. She loves them and she painted them so well.

This is Senora, named after the Harry Belafonte song “Shake Senora” (Missy has eclectic taste for five year old). She likes to pretend to shop and pack and unpack bags. This is her bed after unpacking. She has also “designed” and painted several fashion designs this week.
7. Start saving for a family vacation.
Missy really wants to go to Paris and see the Eiffel tower. She talks about it everyday. If I start saving now by the time the twins are old enough to give a crap we can afford to go.
8. Spend wisely.
This will incorporate misc. crap purchased on sale, Clothes that look exactly like everything else I own, take out food and lots of other stuff. We don’t have take out that often, but we always have from the same place when we do. The people in our local Chinese restaurant know it’s us when we call ; )
9. Be a better friend/granddaughter.
I keep in contact with most of my family but my relationship with my paternal grandma could use serious work. I have also fallen out of touch with many close friends that I miss. This is directly related to taking time for me.
10. Remember to make time for my son.
Missy had me all to her self for five years and I feel a little guilty having the twins so soon after Woodji. He is very easy going so I’m hoping the transition is smooth.
11. Continue to make time for my sister.
She will be starting College next year and I want her graduation, prom and her final “free” summer to be fun.
12. Don’t forget about the knitting. I go through craft phases where I want to go out and get a whack of new supplies for something. But the knitting, when I finish something, always makes me proud.
13. Learn to spin.
I bought the spindle and roving and even tried it. But no go. I’ll try to teach myself again and if it doesn’t work I’ll take a class during my “me” time.
14. Remember to make time for my husband.
I don’t want us to start to feel like the parents to the kids and not each others’ partner. If we’re happy they’ll be happy.
15. Continue to write without the security blanket that was my screenwriting class.
I have so many ideas for scripts, short stories, sitcoms, drama’s, children’s books you name it. But ideas need to be brought to fruition in order to mean something.
16. And lastly, which may be difficult with so many little ones, spend more time taking advantage of all the free and inexpensive activities offered for kids in NY. I planned on this one and was suddenly so tired I couldn’t stop falling asleep all the time. Whoops I was pregnant ;). Once the morning sickness started I wasn’t going too far from home for a while.

Well there it is. Happy New year everyone. I hope to know you all better in 2007! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment I really appreciate it. I hope to have more to say next year.

4 thoughts on “Talkin' 'bout resolutions

  1. wow, that’s one heck of a list of resolutions! but you can do anything that you set your mind to and with the help of your wonderful family, i’m sure you’ll make it far.happy new year!

  2. That’s a lot of resolutions! I wish you the best in keep them all (or just remembering them all :)It sounds like this is going to be anbig year for you!

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