Jive Turkey

I’m sure everyone in Brooklyn knows about Jive Turkey by now. I live dangerously close to this place and was assaulted by the smell of turkey for at least a week before Turkey day. Between the non-stop turkey smell and the constant food network viewing I was more than ready for some turkey on Thursday. Now their are members of my family that do not celebrate holidays so for the past several years we have had a big dinner at my Grandma’s on either the Friday or Saturday following Thanksgiving because everyone was already off from work, school, etc… When I moved out I had the dinner at my house one day and we had another at my grandma’s the next and my other grandma still had her traditional Thanksgiving at her house on Thursday too. Are you counting people? I have had years with three huge dinners in a row, gluttony at its worse :).

Well this year I decided that Fall Feast (our name for our celebration) was not going to be at my house because I was too tired and too pregnant. My husband and little sister seemed a little sad so I agreed to make them some of their favorites for a FF just for us. Well somehow that snowballed into my mother in law coming, my cousin who lives downstairs and her mom and her kids and her boyfriends mom, and my aunts and uncles, and some cousins. You get the idea. It actually ended up being really nice and I was glad that everyone came. I got to relax and just eat at my mothers house on Thursday and then get up really early Friday and make my dinner, which was quite tasty if I do say so myself. No one had a fight or argument and my cousin brought the Jive Turkey. Anyway enough food posts. Onto the knitting.

I started this scarf today with my latest knitpicks order. I wont show a picture of the yarn because the purchasing is getting a little ridiculous.G's Scarf, Maybe

I had delusions about creating my own pattern because apparently I forgot that it was something that I am not good at. What can you do? Here’s a pic of the mitts I knit for my sister. She forgot them at my house this weekend and I snapped a pic of my bony hand modeling one. Fetching from Knitty

You know I have weighed the same thing at my last three doctors visits, but my belly is getting bigger and bigger, I think the rest of me is shrinking to make up the difference. By the way thanks for all the well wishes on the babies, everyone is so excited for us. Lucky for us they also plan to back up this excitement with assistance and support. I feel very fortunate to have so much family nearby and that they are so willing to be involved in my children’s lives. It’s taking a team effort to get me through the semester from caring for my son to picking up my daughter from school. I will be the first to graduate from college in my family so that is as big a deal as the baby news to them which is nice.

In other crushing disappointing news my iBook has died. This is the third time I have had a computer die on me and it doesn’t get any easier. I hate my husband’s computer his keyboard sticks and I have an abundance of misspelled words to spell check, so I may be off to the Apple store tomorrow to be separated from even more cash. Stay tuned.

Three & Three

Well we are all evened up around here. We found out today that Baby A is a girl who is stubborn already (she would not give the sono administrator what she needed for a complete report) and Baby B is a boy who is taking up 65% of the womb space (and actually had his little feet crossed(!) just how his big brother likes to sit). It took Missy a while to stop insisting that there were two sisters in there, but she came around. Dad is relieved and Mom is happy not to be responsible for combing three heads of hair in addition to her own in the future. That may seem minor but if you ever saw how much hair both of my children have you would understand my elation. Six is enough. I think we can stop now ;)

A total aside: I watch a ton of Food Network and have often tried things I have seen on there. Well I decided a few days ago that I wanted, no needed Swedish Meatballs(sans pork). I am happy to say they were very tasty with a side of mashed red taters and string beans. I was doubly happy because this was my first crack at meatballs and gravy. I don’t know maybe I’m really easy to please but with school going so crappy I’m happy for any little ego boost I can get.


I needed some retail therapy and since I’m pregnant and a little tired/sleepy/lazy I went to the internets. I always look around Etsy when I have no cash so I figured let me have a look see when I had some. I found exactly what I was looking for.
From KLA Designs

It made me feel good just to open the package when it came. I felt good about buying from a place like Etsy and I really like it as much in person as I did in the picture.

I have knitting progress but no pic. A brown shapeless blobby top down raglan does not make for a very attractive picture. I ordered my mitten yarn from knitpicks but with their new shipping policy it could come tomorrow or any time next year so no mittens for me. NEXT! The funny thing is, I couldn’t find my EZ book for about a week. As is the usual for me it ws on my desk the entire time. I haven’t sat there for weeks because I can’t pick up a wireless signal there. So I have been both knitting and web surfing from bed. When I have an ass the size of Texas after I give birth I can read back at these things and go “Oh that’s how that happened.”

I’m kidding. I’m one of those pregnant women who carries really small in the early part. Speaking of the baby bump, I find out the sex of the babes tomorrow and I am so excited. Missy has said repeatedly that she has two sisters in there so everyone is waiting with baited breath to see if she is right. So tomorrow we find out whether we will have two, three or four women pms’ing in the future ;). This worries the husband very much. I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

Serenity Now!*

I am sitting here trying desperately to finish writing this stupid paper on “The Scarlet Letter”. I have never had writers block like this in my life. It’s like the babies stole my writing mojo or something. I know creating life (lives) takes it out of you but are they writing essays in there I think not. I even flaked out on my Film 16 midterm. I am the queen of essay exams. I have aced exams without even reading the material on it. Based solely on my powers of BS. This semester has sucked ass to put it plainly and I cannot wait until it’s over.

*I find in difficult times quoting Seinfield is the only thing that helps. If you’re not a fan you don’t know what you’re missing.

Damn they beat me to it

I just wrote a whole lot of stuff that definetly took this blog from knitting, crafting, and sometimes personal to TMI!! (Too much information) We will now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Julia and crew are beating me to the punch by making a knitting themed movie. So far I have written two scripts and I have made sure that at least one character is crafty. I even have the mom in my second script knit and read at the same time in two scenes. She also sews but not in the movie ;). Damn you Julia, just kidding I love her, and at least we all know she really knits. Hopefully it wont suck so the studios wont reject every script with a knitting needle in it.

A first and a Bad habit re-visited

This should indicate to you how serious I am about the Rams Horn Jacket. Behold my first gauge swatch.

First gauge swatch ever

I’m getting stitch gauge but not row gauge, although from the blogs that I read this seems like a common thing so I’m not worried. Now about that bad habit.

Periodical haul
I love to read and I used to buy so many magazines and books a month that I put myself on a diet. I subscribed to a few and learned to live without the rest and I started to go to the library for books. But afer a particularly rough third(!!!) visit to Vital records to correct a birth certificate I needed some retail therapy. My recent on line yarn orders stopped me from going to The Point. I was in the area returning yet another film to TLA (The 39 Steps this time) and it was very tempting but I resisted. I left B&N with Blueprint, Vogue Knitting, and The Knitters Almanac. Handknit Holiday’s and Toys to Sew are from Crafters Choice (to fulfill my subscription). I couldn’t resist the EZ book thanks two of my favorite bloggers and their lovely mittens. I see another knitpicks order for Telemark in the near future. Speaking of yarn.

Little Knits Order

My order! Sue wrote me a nice note on my invoice so I’m glad I followed the advice you guys left and didn’t send an email. I’m having the same feelings about the Noro that I had when I finally saw Koigu in person for the first time. I want to jump right in and start my scarf but I’m not sure if I want to make a small Feather and Fan scarf/shawl or something rectangular. So while I mull it over I’m going to start my Buttony Sweater. I know that I’m excited to start because normally I would be napping right now instead of blogging and plotting on knitting. I think this is good, hopefully I won’t feel exhausted later. Off to knit.