Hat head

Here is the way most people wear a beret.
Normal (for me anyway) shot
Not bad. It reminds me of wearing my grandma’s furry berets around the house as a kid.

But here is the way that I would need to wear it in order to actually stay warm.

Wee-wee head shot

A little phallic yes?

I made this scarf to match the hat so that Missy could wear it if she wanted.Missy's scarf
Yarn for both: Knitpicks Sierra in Grape (stash yarn!)
Pattern: Wormhead’s Rollin’ Beret & basic garter stitch scarf
Needles: Denise size 9′s for hat, Susan Bates 10 1/2 for Scarf

Update on the dire yarn situation here at Knitology:
Here we have a photo of some lovely yarn
Yarn for Ram's Horn Jacket
The observant knitter would see that this is from Knitpicks (for the Rams Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature). Here’s the wrap up. I really don’t know what to say about Littleknits customer service. I arrived home today after a looong day and was elated to see a package. I was fooled once already so I checked if it was for me before I got too excited. Yes! For me. But I recognized the return address and I’ve never ordered from Littleknits before. It was my Knitpicks order that I ordered two or three days after the littleknits order. So I’m already composing the scathing email in my head as I walk up the stairs . I check my email and this is what I received from littleknits in the way of an explanation of why my order was shipped out TODAY!

Hi Wanett,

Thank you very much for shopping from our store. We did not have enough of Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky in chocolate and just got in more. To make up for the delay of the shipment of your order I upgraded your shipment to priority. Hope this makes you smile.



Now don’t you think it would have been helpful to have been notified of this DB Merino Chunky shortage uh, I don’t know when the shortage was discovered. I could have spent the last few days waiting for notice that my order was shipped instead of stalking the mailman for the last week. Yes priority shipping does help but guess what I paid $10 for shipping anyway so I don’t really feel that this makes up for waiting until now to notify me of the delay. I’m just saying. What would you do, read littleknits the riot act or take it in stride?

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4 thoughts on “Hat head

  1. That’s kind of disappointing, but I’d take it in stride. They did try to make some amends for having a shortage. Will they charge shipping on the next package that contains the rest of the yarn? If so, that kind of stinks. If not, then I’d say all you lost was a little time.The beret is cute. But I’m the same – I need a hat to keep me warm. I’m no good at wearing hats-as-accessories.

  2. That’s so strange! Usually Sue from Littleknits goes out of her way to be friendly. I’m sure she won’t charge you twice for shipping. But send her an email nonetheless!

  3. keep inventory/stock for a small company can be hard to do sometimes, especially with an internet store. since she did upgrade you to priority shipping, i would just let it go. it would be different if you hadn’t heard anything for weeks and then HELLO they tell you that there was a shortage on the yarn. that’s happened to many people. i’m sure you’ll get the yarn today or tomorrow.most mailmen in brooklyn deserved to be stalked anyway. brooklyn has the worst post service ever!

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