26+1= How old should I feel?

Yesterday was my 27th birthday but I’m not quite sure that I feel like a 27 year-old. The truth is I’ve always felt older than my years, in fact my nickname when I was five was Grandma, and people were always calling me an old soul. What’s really weird is the fact that I look 19 to most people. We’re not really big on B-day celebrations but I always get some cash to burn on myself (I have to try really hard not to spend it on my kids). So I always buy what any knitter buys, YARN! Last year my hubby got me a gift certificate from the Point and everytime I wear the scarf I made from the Manos I bought I think about him.

So the yarn, I got a bag of DB Merino Aran for the Buttony Sweater by Oh my Stars, 4 balls of Fixation Bulky for yet another attempt on the hubby socks, and some Noro Big Kureyon for a chunky scarf (all on sale at Littleknits.com). While I wait for my order I’m trying to figure out which yarn to sub for the Rams Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature. I borrowed the book from the library and now I’m sure I have to buy it. It has the same beauty as Loop D Loop but with projects I’m more likely to wear. I still have some cash left so I was thinking some knitpicks yarn. I’m sure that everyone has seen what Brooklyntweed is doing with that Swish Superwash, who knew that it could look that good. I figure a really good knitter can make any yarn look good (Cosmic Pluto is another example of making knitpicks yarn shine). While I’m an okay knitter I figure If I take my time and work steadily on the jacket it can be affordable and beautiful. I know someone at the knitalong used Cascade 220 and it looked great so maybe that will do.

I’m so sorry that I missed Rhinebeck again. The pics on all of the Spiders sites make me wish I was there. I especially like Bronxie’s pics. Maybe next year (I said that last year). But on the upside I completed the Homebuyer seminar that entitles me to down payment assistance on our first home. Priorities. Let me tell you I was really tempted to go to Rhinebeck instead. Next post a finished scarf to match the Beret from last post (It looks really cute on my daughter) and yarn porn. Hell I may even post a penis head picture of me wearing the hat to make Gleek laugh. I’ll be sure to post a pic of my daughter wearing it to save the reputation of the pattern ;).

2 thoughts on “26+1= How old should I feel?

  1. we certainly missed you at rhinebeck! but it sounds like you managed some fibery goodness at home! besides, it was tough doing rhinebeck while pregnant. i can only imagine how hard it would be carrying twins!i definitely want to see that hat. somedays i could use a good laugh :)

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