The hat curse

I have never knit a hat that has come out the way I envisioned. Exhibit A:Wormhead’s Rollin’ Beret.

It would seem that berets are not for me. My ears are extremely sensitive to air so I’m one of those people who pulls their hats way down on their ears. Therefore I have no use for a beret worn jauntily to the side. So that means I end up looking like a penis when I pull a beret style hat down like that, not the look I’m going for. So back to the drawing board.

In other news my Grandma gave me a bag of my Great aunts scarves. She passed earlier this year and we all wanted some little token to remember her by.

I thought the scarves would be good for dress up with Missy, but I was wondering if their were any other ideas of what to do with scarves?

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4 thoughts on “The hat curse

  1. Hee! I’ll have to remember not to pull down a beret over my ears! Could you make a beret with a very wide band that covers the ears? You know what I mean? Knit a few rows before doing all the increases?

  2. I am actually knitting that same beret right now. I’m trying to finish it by tomorrow and I’m not even at the decreasing yet (what was I thinking). Oh well.How about doing something patchwork/quilted like as a momento. Like a wall hanging or soemthing along those sorts.

  3. what lovely scares. i second the patchwork quilt idea. i have so many that are just stuffed in a bag, and i only rarely wear them in my hair or as a belt, so let us know if you find a good idea!

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