Sad ; (

Well the list of semi finalists came out today and I am not on it, boo. I’m cheering myself up by listening to “Who is Johnny” by El Debarge from the Short Circuit soundtrack. Actually I went to TLA to return some movies (The Postman Always rings Twice, Ossessione, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and The 400 Blows in case you wanted to know) and the fresh air did the job, mostly. I managed to listen to every sad song I had on my MP3 player on the trip. I’m not a competitive person by nature so I had to really talk myself into entering in the first place and making it through the first cut was a good confidence boost for me. I knew that it was unlikely that I would make it to the semi finals of my fist competition but I can dream can’t I. Well now to make improvements and start planning for the next competition.

Thanks for all of your well wishes on all of my news ; ). I was reluctant to post about that stuff but I felt good after I did. And hey look knitting.

I thought these colors looked great together until I started to knit but for some reason I didn’t stop and now I have a Target wave mitten without the thumb in colors that look wrong together, thoughts? I really should ask my daughter she is very opinionated and will tell me exactly what she thinks. I’m scared to let her know that I’m working on something for her, she can be relentless when she wants to. In fact I spent all weekend being followed because I let her help me cook. She asked to make shrimp for her Dad. To say he was beaming is an understatement. He can’t wait to go to work and brag.

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3 thoughts on “Sad ; (

  1. oh yes, i have to say that those two colors aren’t so good together :( that’s a bummer. BUT, you could probably finish it off and give it to charity! haha, i know that sounds horrible (ie. give the ugly stuff to charity) but someone out there may just love it or just want to keep warm!or frog it and be done with it :) which is always an, your daughter sounds so sweet wanting to cook for dad! how fun!

  2. all this time, i thought i was the only one who remembered el debarge! i also liked “whose holding donna now.” off to put them on my ipod!

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