Let's catch up, shall we

Well I should start with knitting shouldn’t I? I completed a pair of Fetching mitts for the little sis. She took them before I could get a pic, but we all know what they look like. Right? I knit them using some pretty green Debbie Bliss merino aran that I purchased back when the knitting bug first hit me again. It was being combined with some yellow cascade 220 to make Candy from Knitty but some recent news had me questioning if I would ever wear a sweater in that style.

Speaking of that other news. You know how every one in the blog world is pregnant, well I’m finally in on a trend. I was surprised to find out and nervous because my son had yet to turn one when we got the news. My (large) family was so excited that it was contagious and I lost a lot of the nervousness. Some of the other moms in blogland were expecting baby #3 also so I figured I wasn’t alone. Then my landlord informed us that she was selling the house, which lets face it we were going to need to move anyway because ya know two bedrooms, four people don’t quite add up. Okay no biggie we just needed to start looking sooner than we thought. Then!!
I had my first sonogram which is sort of routine when you’ve already had two children. But this pregnancy is so different from my first two that I knew something must be drastically different. Morning sickness doesn’t even begin to encompass what I have been going through. I have a boy and a girl so unless it was an alien what could be different? Well it could be and ended up being twins!! My mom is a twin and the family has been wishing for this since baby number 1. This up’s the need to move a couple of notches don’t you think?

So instead of knitting and crafting I have been trying to make it to class without throwing up along the way, wrapping my mind around the fact that we are about to become a family of 6, cleaning for open houses, and looking at a lot of real estate. Throw in taking care of thing 1 and thing 2, hubby, and sporadic ;) cooking and cleaning and you can see how knitting has taken a back seat. I have promised my daughter a hat and scarf for school so I am determined to start them today so on with the knitting.

Oh I almost forgot. I’m sure that I mentioned that I am a screenwriting major on here before, well I entered my first

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11 thoughts on “Let's catch up, shall we

  1. i was curious about your whereabouts* and i am happy that you have happy news. congrats on your twins. sounds great! may everything be fab for you and your family.. :))*well, i am your blog’s reader since i track back your link through crafster a few months ago..

  2. OH MY GOD!!! how exciting!! you must be so crazed and nervous and happy! :) i’m so glad to hear this news. congratulations!i wish you the best in looking for property. i know that cannot be easy with two kids and two more on the way. hopefully your family can pitch in some babysitting time :)

  3. Congratulations! I’m glad to see that you didn’t disappear, and that your absense was with good cause. I hope you are feeling strong and healthy.

  4. Holy cow! You’re having twins? Oh my gosh, that’s so exciting! I hope you’re feeling better soon, and that the house-hunting goes… as best as it possibly can (it’s never very fun, is it?).Congratulations!

  5. good heavens! twins! how wonderful and surprising and thrilling! i’m so happy for you.good luck finding a new home, and congrats on the screenplay. i’d love to read it.

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