Sock question

Thanks for all the compliments on Carla!! It was nice for other knitters to compliment it = ). Not that my husbands compliments aren’t appreciated.

Now a question:
In my frenzy to find new project after I finished Carla I worked on the Koigu sock. Here’s the thing I’ve never knit a sock before so I was unsure of how to interpret the heel flap instructions maybe someone could help. I’m using this pattern. Should I repeat the two heel flap rows 18 times each for a total of 36 rows, or work 18 rows total? Thanks

FO and craptastic photography

I finished Carla on Sunday and have been trying to get someone to take a decent photo of me in it but alas it wasn’t to pass. So I give you crapstastic photos taken by moi.

Pattern: Rowan It’s a Tape Thing
Yarn: Rowan Cotton tape purchased at
Needles: Denise needles size 11 and 13
Started: June 23
Finished: July 23
Loved: July 23

As usual I made some unintentional mods. I forgot to change needles when I started the lace pattern and ended up knitting four rows on size 11′s, so I repeated it on side two. I also wanted short sleeves (they are the same length despite the photo) and they actually came out the exact length that I wanted.
This should have taken no time to complete but I had distractions in the form of Etsy shop items to make. As an aside I’m really disappointed that it looks like my first sale wont go through. The buyer hasn’t made payment yet or answered my email so I’m a little sad = (.

But it hasn’t been all bad. I met up with some lovely Spiders (Lisa, Veronique, Kaitlyn, Gleek, Jess, and Carrie), a Scrambled Egg, a Glove making speed knitter, and the quietist baby I have ever been around. We meet up at Red Bamboo and I ate soy chicken which something that I never thought I would do. Knitting makes you more adventurous I guess. The only bad thing is now knitting on my sofa pales in comparison to knitting in Red Bamboo’s lovely upstairs room.
It struck me as I walked home that afternoon that this was the first time I had ever seen another persons hand knit work in person. It is the only time that I had a conversation involving stitches, yarn, gauge, patterns, etc with someone who actually knew what I was talking about. It was great. I went home with a strong desire to knit and realized that the reason I have been in knitting funk was lack of face to face motivation. Seeing a Razor Cami in person is much different than the photo’s on the blogs. So after looking through every knitting mag I own for a new project I started my own Razor cami. This is after one ball of Knitpicks Shine is Blush. Stash yarn, yippee! Okay clearly I need a nap.

WIP Friday

Here are some things that I am currently working on, including *insert drum roll here* …. some knitting!
WIP Friday #1

The white and polka dot fabric will become tote bags, one for the shop and one for my husband’s niece (she was a teenager when we got married so it’s weird to think of her as my niece). That’s the back AND front of Carla and a cuff still in need of a snap. The larger piece of paisley material is a new experiment. It’s sort of a wide fabric belt that can be worn under the bust obi style or on the natural waistline folded over dramatically or left standing tall. I like it so far but I’m thinking I would like a different arrangement for the straps. That’s my husbands X-Box controller on the side, it is definitely not a WIP, I only touch it to move it out of the way. If we had some old school Mario Bros. or Crash Bandicoot I could get on board but I don’t enjoy watching sports so I really don’t want to play them on a video game.

Like many other knitters I have a love for reading that is suffering due to the attention paid to other hobbies. I was quite possibly the last person alive to fall in love with Harry Potter; I only began reading the series last September when my son was in the ICU. I hate everything to do with magic. The tricks, magic shows, everything. So I actively avoided the HP series until then. I wanted to see what all the fuss was, I see now = ). The upside of this was missing out on the yearlong waits for the next book. The wait for book seven in killing me though.

I definitely have a love for British ‘chick lit”, Pearl Cleage, Walter Mosley and Kathy Reichs. So when advertisements for Kathy Reichs’s new book came up on my Yahoo page, I literally got dressed and hopped the bus to Barnes & Noble within 20 minutes. I was done with the book by the next afternoon. If I love it I can read almost straight thru to the end without stopping, before having children I would stay up all night sometimes. I finished HP 1-6 in about two weeks while taking care of a newborn and getting adjusted to having two children. I become sort of obsessed when reading. My husband called me a robot the other day as he watched my eyes fly across the pages of Break no Bones.

I love to go into a bookstore or library and judge a book by its cover; I have a pretty high success rate. I never read the back cover or jacket and I never look at how many pages the book has until I’m on the last page. No particular reason why, I guess I like to be surprised. I’m off to knit some sleeves for Carla and get ready for my first knitting meet up with some friendly neighborhood knitters. I may be a dork but I’m really excited and not a little bit nervous. Silly. I know. = )

Mushy Mommy moment

This post will only make one reference to yarn. I will highlight it so you can skip ahead to it if you like = ).

Sunday is usually the day we reserve for family outings and such. We promised Missy a bike when school was over and she has been hounding us ever since. So today was the day. We went to Toy-r-us and she rode a few around the store, got the feel for riding, and was disappointed when the pretty girly one’s were too small, too big or out of stock. We eventually found the perfect one and it was sold out too, the good thing was an employee had just brought out some new display models and they sold us that one. We ended up getting a sweet deal. We didn’t have to wait 24 hrs for assembly or pay the assembly fee. We walked over to the park and had one of the best family day’s we’ve had in a while. Dad showed Missy how to ride while I sat on a blanket and knit. Woodji slept almost the entire time in his stroller.

What struck me most about the day was the blanket (sheet actually) that we sat on. It’s an old striped flat sheet that belonged to my Great-grandmother. According to my Grandma she got the sheet from a Jewish family that she worked for so I really have no idea how old it is. The thing that struck me were the memories that I have of playing on that sheet, the memories of my daughter napping on the couch covered by it and the memories of my son playing on the floor on top of it. It has acted as a cape, floor mat, and I guess as someone’s bed sheet at one point. Today I added another memory to it. That of my daughter learning to ride a bike while I knit and snapped pictures. Maybe one day my grandchildren will play on it too.

So we cooled it in the shade for a while then made our way home stopping for sandwiches and snacks before getting out of the sun. So we’re settled in now, full of food and fighting the itis and my husband comes out of the kitchen as says “So you wanna buy some yarn or something?” I almost shook my head cartoon style. You see when one of us gets something he tries to make sure we all get something, whether it’s big or small. Missy got her bike, my husband treated his self to some new t-shirts, and Woodji needed diapers. So asking me that was his way of seeing what I wanted for my something. Well you would think I would have snatched a handle full of cash and hit the road, and I would have, if not for the ever-growing yarn stash in the bedroom closet. So instead of fondling fiber in the nearest yarn shop I’ll be using the money to send off some copyright paperwork that has been sitting waiting for a money order. Being responsible is a bitch sometimes. But the day was great, knitting some more on Carla put me back in the knitting mood and I’m glad to have finally gotten things up on Etsy. Good times.

Pally goodness

My second One Skein package has arrived.

I have already cast on for Trellis and frogged the first 5 rows. Although the bamboo needles helped I don’t think my mind can wrap itself around lace charts right now. Still too much on my mind. Speaking of.

Thanks for the support guys. I have been working my little fingers to the bone trying out my ideas. I had no idea how sore you can get from sitting hunched over a sewing machine or hand stitching things an inch from your face for hours on end. I feel like I’ve been hit repeatedly across the shoulders (my already bad posture possibly exaggerated the soreness) and my right leg is tender from pressing down on the machine peddle. It makes images like this hit home even more. But all the same I feel great about the progress so far.
For those of you who want to know, so far I’ve been making purses, cuffs, bangles, clutches and totes. I have tried and failed at some ideas that I had to make my things different from what is already out there. I have succeeded at some things too so things have been balanced in that way. I have also been trying to decide if I should go the Etsy route or get a table at some of our local flea markets and street fairs. Aside from that what I have been pouring most of my work into are my dolls. I created a character when my daughter was a baby and had grand ideas about what I could do with her. Children’s books, t-shirts, everything. I created a series of characters based on her, named them, and even imagined what they would be like. Then I went back to work and forgot about her. Through every computer crash and re-assemble they were saved. Then it came to me while looking at blogs like Wee Wonderfuls , Joybucket and all around Flickr. It seemed that people everywhere were making these fun little creations out of their ideas and I felt inspired to do the same. My little ladies have languished inside of the computer for too long. I’m on doll v.5 at this point. I had no idea how hard something like that would be. So after much cursing and shredding of fabric my living room looks like a box of thread exploded on my rug and my daughter has taken to cutting fabric now as well as paper. = ) She has been really enthusiastic about the doll and she is a doll connoisseur and VERY picky about the way the look so this sends my hopes soaring. I hope to have some pics of the purses and such to share soon. I’m making an effort to have nice pics to put on etsy (if that’s the way to go); I have convinced my sister to be my model. What’s the general opinion of Etsy and those who sell their wares there? What would you do?

Too many ideas

Right now my head is absolutely swimming with ideas. It has always been my dream to work for myself. Since the birth of my daughter I have been trying to figure out a way to make a living doing something that I love that would allow me to spend as much time with her as possible. The birth of my son and the fast approaching fall semester (my last semester!!!) has added and urgency like you wouldn’t believe. It’s almost like I feel okay saying that I’m a SAHM while I’m in school. But once that’s over I feel like I should get “back out there”. Whatever that means. But I don’t really want to get back out there. I have more than my share of frazzled mommy moments but I am not looking forward to the “back out there” part of the deal. I think I need to put the fact that their is no pressure on me to go back to work out in the world. At least no pressure from my hubby. I sometimes get the snide remarks about how lucky I am to stay home all day with the kids. That may sound innocent but trust me the people saying it don’t mean it that way. I am very fortunate to have several family members who I can trust with my children when I have things to do and can’t bring them along. The fact that it’s really hard to get a job doing what I went to school for isn’t really helping matters either. Most of my work experience is in customer service and I am not anxious to go back to being yelled at all day.

So back to the too many ideas. That’s why they’re bubbling over. I’m feeling the pressure to get it going before school is over so I can make a seamless transition from student to entrepreneur. I know unrealistic. But I have the ideas nonetheless. So in the near future I’ll have things to run past you guys. The blog world has sparked so many ideas for me; I’m really excited and have been squeezing out time to try to work out how to get the ideas from my head and into my hands. That’s the hardest part. My knitting has been neglected somewhat but once I get things worked out I’ll have more time for it. I did manage to finish the back/front of Carla and have done about three inches of the other side so the knitting has not been banished completely.

Well in other news I chickened out on a haircut yesterday. My hair is longer now than it has been in a really long time and I have less time than ever to take care of it. It has been showing signs of neglect. So. I planned to cut it by about half. Very drastic. I don’t think I have ever cut so much at once before. I mean I’ve had short hair, in fact I loved the chin length bob I had when I meet my husband, but the stress level was high on this newly planned cut. I actually couldn’t sleep the night before. So I waited until the salon opened and went with a picture of what I wanted. I had been calling my husband non-stop trying to get a pep talk but his service drops at his job sometimes and I couldn’t get him. I called my sister and she told me I better not come home with my hair the same. So I was brave and I showed the stylist the place to cut and she squealed, “Aye mami no, you don’t like long hair. It’s so beautiful” It’s safe to say that was all I needed to hear. I had her cut about an inch and a half and hoped that would stop some on the breakage I’ve been having. My sister was not happy. I felt torn about the decision until I went outside today and was grateful that I could still make a ponytail = ).

I had some nice crafty moments with my daughter and sister today. My sister tried to make this
headband. She was not successful so there is no picture of that. She was a lot of fun to watch there at the machine. My daughter wanted to make a dressing room for her doll. (She actually wanted to make our bathroom her dressing room but I vetoed that idea.) So she pasted pieces of construction paper to the inside of a shoebox and made it her Polly dolls house. I made her a little patchwork quilt as a way to practice working with batting.

Polly still needs a bed as you can see she is sleeping on a card box = ). As long as Missy is pasting and cutting she seems happy so we’ll be seeing a lot more of that around this summer.