Reading this post on Whispering Pine caused me to leave this comment: I sometimes feel like I’m caught up in the wave of popular culture too. And also like I’m really influenced by reading blogs. I love to knit and sew and be crafty and creative in general and I always have. But lately I feel sort of pulled in every direction. But at the same time I know where my passion lies but that’s in the same realm of creativity to me so I still feel it’s connected to me in the same way that my craftiness is. But you didn’t ask me to ramble on = ).

Upon thinking about this further I wondered what was my real motivation for starting a blog. Was it more to fit in or more for self expression? I think taking some time to think about it and not post has helped me to realize that I do really enjoy it. (I’m also enjoying it more because I finally downloaded a browser that allows me to use all of the posting short cuts.) I found myself missing writing about what I was sewing or knitting. And I missed it knowing that only about three people read this blog = ).

I have been knitting thanks to Lolly . After seeing her Carla I went straight to Ebay and found the book. A quick trip to Elann on her tip resulted in buying even more yarn. = )

I also started the Prairie Tunic from IK, using *drumroll please* stash yarn. I’m also getting a chance to use those beautiful stitch markers I got from my One skein partner.
I have also been feeling the mom guilt lately and I realized that the blogging community helps with that as well as my knitting. I would like to thank Wendy for always being so honest on her blog. She seems to post things so directly related to my current state of mind that it’s frightening (check out my mini confessional in her comments).It would seem that Wendy and the Yarn harlot are helping me through motherhood and womanhood without even knowing me. Is that weird? Who cares if it is. I’m one of those people who constantly compares myself to others and I don’t want that to spill over into my feelings about parenting, being a wife or knitting. It’s a constant struggle to remind myself that my life can’t be compared to another. It’s the honest posts of other bloggers that helps me to remember that sometimes. Even someone who has written three books still screws up and knits something too small. I guess the ability that these woman have to point out their shortcomings or insecurities makes them more real and helps me to know that we are more alike than we are different.

Note to self: I do hereby promise not to buy yarn, needles, knitting mags or books, or any other knitting accessory until I use more of what I have. This desire to buy will not be transferred to sewing notions, fabric or other crafty swag. It seems I have a problem. I would also like to than Flickr for making my problem abundantly clear by date marking every photo to further drive home the point.
End note.

Even more sock yarn

I received my Dye-o-rama yarn today and what a mood lifter that package was. I received it on the heels of a doctors visit with Woodji where they attempted to draw blood and only got blood curdling screams. My ears are still ringing and he is fast asleep. So thank you Maryann. (BTW I was wrong when I guessed your identity). Thanks for introducing me to the Pincushion Challenge I think I will accept the Flower challenge.

I looove the colors of this yarn. It has all of my favorite shades of purple. She even included some Shrink Art for me to try. I may have to fight Missy for it though. I practiced real restraint in not opening those M&M’s before I took the picture. The chocolate cravings are at a high right now. I also have a notepad which is of course purple = ). I love to make lists and jot things down so this is a real treat.

I have been knitting I promise, but I think we can all agree that top down raglans are great but getting to the point of separating the sleeves takes forever. I’m about an inch away now. I have also been working on the Koigu sock and trying to decide if I’ll order more yarn for the hubby’s socks or choose from the ever growing stash.
I have still been busy at the sewing machine. I joined Sew I Knit and I have been trying to work up my nerve to cut my fabric for my top. Over the weekend I made a pin cushion using some of the fabric
Yahaira sent me. I was also hoodwinked into making a pillow and blanket out of the fabric for Missy’s dolls. I then of course had to make a bed and sofa for them out of foam.

I also made a sock bag for my Koigu sock. I found myself diving to catch it every time it threatened to fall so once I had enough of that I made this bag.

Here is a close up of the little socks I cut from wool felt. That little detail made the bag for me. It was useful before I added it but cute and useful once I put them on. I actually embroidered a sock using some of the floss sent in my PS yarn swap but it came out looking more like a boot so into the scrap box it went.

I’m off to work on that last inch.

Back to the Tree, One skein and the dangers of Koigu

Okay I finally get it. Koigu is the shit. Plain and simple.

I went back to the yarn tree to take advantage of the last day of the sale. I couldn’t resist the call of the Koigu any longer. I fondled it on my last visit and I had to go back. I see a serious problem developing, I have yet to knit one sock and look at the stash forming.
Damn the Yarn Tree and their late Sunday hours. While there I almost bought one of those sheep tape measures then I thought better of it. I wanted a retractable one but couldn’t really get with the sheep, enter the One Skein secret pal. Look at the package I just got out of the mailbox.

She sent the cutest tape measure. Retractable and without a sheep in site. Instead it’s covered with fruit and ladybugs. She must be a mind reader because I was at Knitaway yesterday eyeing the Lambs Pride. Every one speaks so highly of it but I have never used it before. This is some kind of freaky coincidence or she can really read minds. She gave my the most beautiful stitch markers (I’m literally using a piece of ribbon and those chunky Susan bates markers right now) and a card that Missy said looked like me. She even packed it all in an envelope with Knitting needles on it. I love everything.

*I had to snatch the measure from Missy’s clutches just now.*

I have been alternating between sewing and knitting for the last few days. I’m having fun keeping so busy, although things like dinner and laundry have been sacrificed. = )
And thanks to Ms. Saunshine my beading obsession may pick back up. Just look at the beautiful things she made, and while sick at that. Every couple of months I get worked into a frenzy like I’m in now. It’ll pass but until then I need a few extra hours in the day. = )

My PS Yarn Swap partner is the Best!

I received a box full of goodies from my swap partner Ashley. Besides some really beautiful yarn, wound into a huge cake, she added lots of other PS May colored treats.
Go here for notes on each item.

Is she not the best. I love everything, especially the yarn. I’m looking for patterns now. My husband has waited this long for his socks he can wait a little longer = ). Besides I don’t think I like that Knitpicks yarn. It seems a little thin, even compared to the other sock yarn I ordered from them. I think I’ll cast on for a pair for myself using my new purty sock yarn and see if I can get past the cuff this time.

I also did some sewing this week. A few years ago I stocked up on patterns at a $1 sale and found them too challenging, but this week I managed to complete a top for my daughter.

Using this pattern. I couldn’t find a link for it online. I think it was on sale because it was being discontinued.

I hate to admit it but when I first attempted to use a pattern I never tried to follow along with the materials included in the pattern envelope. I found them so much clearer this time, maybe it’s because I have more practice using my machine to make bags. I also made a skirt for me.

I didn’t use a pattern, I used a skirt that I already had as a cutting template. It fits perfectly, you would be able to see it on me if I had someone to take a picture of me wearing it. I tried a mirror shot again but the problem with that is the reflection of the room behind me. = ) Not all of my sewing efforts turned out well. I wasted quite a bit of fabric making several size related boo boo’s. Apparently guessing your size wrong extends beyond knitting. But all in all the sewing was productive, I finally understand the concept of facings and I am getting better at keeping seams even and neat. I think my finishing skills in general have improved too.

Back to knitting, or maybe sewing = ).
Ashley you’re the best!