Well I thought that I would be done with the back of Ruby today. That was until I had to frog back several inches… TWICE. When I read the blogs of others and they had photo’s of frogged pieces I always thought that their was no way I would be able to stop and take a picture first. And I was right. My face in my new avatar is extremely accurate today (Actually I almost always look like that, happy or not). I was ripping that sucker back so fast I hypnotized my son. I’m getting a little worried that he may be fiber obsessed when he gets older. Not that theirs anything wrong with that. I promise progress will be recorded tomorrow along with dyeing pics.

In other news my sister and I plan to go to dance lessons being given at the public library tomorrow (Grand Army Plaza @ 2 for those in the area who may read this, It’s no coincidence that my avatar is outside of a library I’m there several times a week). This is news because it is not possible to find a person with less rhythm than myself. I will save you the horror of photographic evidence of that fact.

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2 thoughts on “Froggin'

  1. Hey Brooklyn! your blog is having some kinda chain-reaction effect on me. After reading your post on Thursday, Something compelled me to buy $6 dollars worth of kool-aid while at the corner Bodega this weekend. Hmmmmm. You must post lotsa pics after you finish dyeing. Good luck with Ruby!

  2. I have to frog a lot too. It usually involves me banging my head against the wall. I tried to look up the picture of what Ruby looks like, but the address didn’t work.I’m heading for bed now, so I’ll stop pestering you! ;)-your dyeorama buddy

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