I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

You have to sing it like Sponge Bob. I think the people in my Grocery store think I’m weird I buy a dollar’s worth of Kool Aid every time I go in. I’m all set. I have the yarn from Knitpicks, the kool aid, and Missy my little helper.

I’m debating the warping board idea. I have a piece of wood the right size and a friendly hardware store to buy my supplies from, but no drill. My landlord’s brother has one but I sort of hate him so I would rather not ask for it. Looks like I’ll be walking around some chairs in my living room. My son should enjoy watching that.

In other yarn news I have plans for the other yarn that I recently received too.The Knitpicks shine is slated for Picovoli and a top down raglan. The lace weight will hopefully (finger crossed) become the lace scarf from the Spring issue of IK and the sock yarn will cover Missy’s tootsies in the future.
This cream cotton blend is for the caftan from the same issue.

I’m about three inches from finishing the back of Ruby. Pic’s tommorrow. I promised Missy we would dye one of those hanks tonight but now I’m thinking tommorrow night would be better. The plan is to use the Artic green apple for my first attempt at self striping yarn. I want three shades of green, I will be using three, two and one packs per section to get the three shades. Hopefully the color will have enough variation. This yarn will serve two purposes, practice for dye-o-rama and my May project spectrum project although done in April = ). I also plan to dye the other hank with the grape Kool Aid using the same method. I love purple.

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6 thoughts on “I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

  1. good luck with the dyeing! i’ve been meaning to try out the self-striping method as well because it looks like i will NEVER get to buy vesper sock yarn. that stuff sells like hotcakes!

  2. I can’t wait to see when you’re done! I want to try it–along with a million other things! One day, I’ll buy Kool-Aid.

  3. Hi There,I linked into your from Sister Friends Ring. How ya doing. It’s so cool meeting other NY knitters. I dream of us one day taking over one of the cars on the train! Anyway have fun koolaid dying, it’s a blast. I’ll be back to see your results. P.S. Your comments is set up for blogger only comments, so you’ll be routed to my old blog.Necia

  4. good luck with the dyeing, i’m sure it’ll be super colorful and fun and stuff…Lol! I’m also debating over whether to make the caftan from IK, it’s gorgeous!

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