Dye O Rama

I have joined both Lady Scouts Dye o Rama as well as Zarah’s Project Spectrum yarn swap.



I’m gonna be a yarn dyeing fool. I’m actually really excited about it. The thing that really got me to start a blog was the togetherness that everyone has. Friends have been made, and bonds formed with people who have never seen each other. I think it’s kind of cool. So joining these swaps makes me feel like one of the gang but at the same time it’s a baby step entry into the gang. It also doesn’t hurt that I am sort of addicted to dyeing yarn with no real plans for it’s use. This way I can get the playing with Kool Aid joy and the receive yarn that I will feel guilt bound to use. It’s the perfect plan really. A nice healthy dose of guilt goes a long way with me.

I have a photo of the “Hated Sweater” mentioned in yesterday’s post.

My attempt at Specs:
The Hated Sweater
Pattern: Top Down Raglan formula
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky
Needles: Denise size 10′s and size 7′s (button band only)
Buttons: M&J Trimming Toggle buttons (shown in previous post)
Started: 3/15/06 or there about
Finished: 4/20/06
Hated: 4/20/06

This photo was the best that I could do under the circumstances (She is wearing her ballet skirt in this photo which she has worn just about everyday of the vacation from school with my incredibly small one skein wonder). The good news is that she has told me that I need to put a letter N on it. Apparently I said that I would do this at some point so it was not so much mentioned but demanded. If someone has some pointers on duplicate stitch I would appreciate them.

Anyway I should be at my desk working on my script instead of blogging but as I said before guilt works for me. I should be feeling really bad by the time I’m done here and stay up half the night working on it. Or I can crank up the guilt quotient by working on this some more
It’s Ruby from the Jems collection (http://saunshine.blogspot.com/2006/01/jems-collection.html) I’m haven’t dumped the crossover sweater I’m only cheating on it. I have nearly finished the back piece but I thought progress shots of St st in black yarn wouldn’t be missed much. After the disappointment of Missy’s reaction to her sweater I think I will finish these two things for me before I start some other projects I have in mind for her.

Bring on the GUILT! = )

PS: I’ll post some yarn porn once my last order comes in.

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4 thoughts on “Dye O Rama

  1. So she doesn’t hate it that much if you need to add an N to it, right? If she really hated it, it would get tossed aside. I think it looks cute! I love the ribbing at the waist.

  2. i agree — the ribbing on the back is very cute. i look forward to seeing your progress on ruby since i’ve been eyeing that pattern for ages.

  3. What’s with the guilt?? Unfortunately, I’m right there with you. And you don’t have to use the yarn I send. I promise. You can make a shrine out of it instead! lol! ;)-your dyeorama buddy

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