Umm… Salmon

Okay so it may be early in this blogs life for non-knitting posts, BUT, I had thee best dinner last night. I didn’t realize how long we had gone without having salmon for dinner. I was stuffed and happy and unable to knit until well after digestion. Perhaps salmon and potatoes together are not the best idea. I had a huge piece of salmon, mashed red potatoes (skin on), and fresh steamed broccoli. Yum. I bought salad but didn’t eat any, I had already piled my plate so high I didn’t think it would fit. I was right. I couldn’t even make it to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink, the hubby did it for me ; ).

I promise to show some knitting tomorrow, but really who wants to see Missy’s sweater with one sleeve again, or the 2 inch progress in the crossover sweater? I will have some stash to show in a week or so however, so at least that will break the monotony of stockinette progress.

Till later.

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