A trip to M&J Trimming

After seeing this post http://haloscan.com/tb/treschicveronique/11419430670106824 at Tres Chic Veronique I decided I had to get to M&J Trimming. So today despite the terrible weather I went and spent twice what I budgeted on buttons for Missy’s sweater. I’m almost done with the first sleeve. I hope to be finished by Wednesday, we shall see. I think this is perhaps a little too optimistic seeing how I have never picked up stitches for a button band or sewn on buttons. That’s why it’s all about Knitology around here. We’ll see what grade I get for this lesson.

We have sleeve
Originally uploaded by Lulu C..

M&J Trimming buttons
Originally uploaded by Lulu C..

Taking advantage of the fact that I had a babysitter I followed up my trip to the city with a stop at the hair salon. Yay, I look like a person again ;). Now at least my hair doesn’t scream tired mother of two.

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