Networked Electronic Troubleshooting and Thorough Infiltration Entity

I am sort of a troubleshooter although I’m not to sure that I have ever thoroughly infiltrated anything. In knitting news I have picked up Missy’s sweater again and got started on those sleeves. I have been trying to get inspired to get moving on G’s socks but all of the great patterns going around the knitblogs are for women. If someone has a great pattern for a man please let me know. It would really be much easier for me to knit him socks. If I’m having this much trouble finishing a 5 year-old’s sweater I can’t imagine trying to make a sweater for a man wearing a 4 sometimes 5X sweater. Can you imagine the cost for the yarn alone? I would have to start knitting now to be done possibly the winter after next. Maybe he’ll let me make him a vest or something. Okay so any good dude socks for beginners and turtleneck vest’s for large men send them my way.

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One thought on “N.E.T.T.I.E.

  1. I hear ya girl. My hubby is the same size that yours is. He isn’t going to get a sweater. Ever. Maybe someday he’ll get a scarf and a hat. I have a sweater in-progress for one of my kids that… well… it’s a UFO. Probably will be for a while.-Your Dye-O-Rama Buddy

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