Well I thought that I would be done with the back of Ruby today. That was until I had to frog back several inches… TWICE. When I read the blogs of others and they had photo’s of frogged pieces I always thought that their was no way I would be able to stop and take a picture first. And I was right. My face in my new avatar is extremely accurate today (Actually I almost always look like that, happy or not). I was ripping that sucker back so fast I hypnotized my son. I’m getting a little worried that he may be fiber obsessed when he gets older. Not that theirs anything wrong with that. I promise progress will be recorded tomorrow along with dyeing pics.

In other news my sister and I plan to go to dance lessons being given at the public library tomorrow (Grand Army Plaza @ 2 for those in the area who may read this, It’s no coincidence that my avatar is outside of a library I’m there several times a week). This is news because it is not possible to find a person with less rhythm than myself. I will save you the horror of photographic evidence of that fact.

I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

You have to sing it like Sponge Bob. I think the people in my Grocery store think I’m weird I buy a dollar’s worth of Kool Aid every time I go in. I’m all set. I have the yarn from Knitpicks, the kool aid, and Missy my little helper.

I’m debating the warping board idea. I have a piece of wood the right size and a friendly hardware store to buy my supplies from, but no drill. My landlord’s brother has one but I sort of hate him so I would rather not ask for it. Looks like I’ll be walking around some chairs in my living room. My son should enjoy watching that.

In other yarn news I have plans for the other yarn that I recently received too.The Knitpicks shine is slated for Picovoli and a top down raglan. The lace weight will hopefully (finger crossed) become the lace scarf from the Spring issue of IK and the sock yarn will cover Missy’s tootsies in the future.
This cream cotton blend is for the caftan from the same issue.

I’m about three inches from finishing the back of Ruby. Pic’s tommorrow. I promised Missy we would dye one of those hanks tonight but now I’m thinking tommorrow night would be better. The plan is to use the Artic green apple for my first attempt at self striping yarn. I want three shades of green, I will be using three, two and one packs per section to get the three shades. Hopefully the color will have enough variation. This yarn will serve two purposes, practice for dye-o-rama and my May project spectrum project although done in April = ). I also plan to dye the other hank with the grape Kool Aid using the same method. I love purple.

Dye O Rama

I have joined both Lady Scouts Dye o Rama as well as Zarah’s Project Spectrum yarn swap.

I’m gonna be a yarn dyeing fool. I’m actually really excited about it. The thing that really got me to start a blog was the togetherness that everyone has. Friends have been made, and bonds formed with people who have never seen each other. I think it’s kind of cool. So joining these swaps makes me feel like one of the gang but at the same time it’s a baby step entry into the gang. It also doesn’t hurt that I am sort of addicted to dyeing yarn with no real plans for it’s use. This way I can get the playing with Kool Aid joy and the receive yarn that I will feel guilt bound to use. It’s the perfect plan really. A nice healthy dose of guilt goes a long way with me.

I have a photo of the “Hated Sweater” mentioned in yesterday’s post.

My attempt at Specs:
The Hated Sweater
Pattern: Top Down Raglan formula
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky
Needles: Denise size 10′s and size 7′s (button band only)
Buttons: M&J Trimming Toggle buttons (shown in previous post)
Started: 3/15/06 or there about
Finished: 4/20/06
Hated: 4/20/06

This photo was the best that I could do under the circumstances (She is wearing her ballet skirt in this photo which she has worn just about everyday of the vacation from school with my incredibly small one skein wonder). The good news is that she has told me that I need to put a letter N on it. Apparently I said that I would do this at some point so it was not so much mentioned but demanded. If someone has some pointers on duplicate stitch I would appreciate them.

Anyway I should be at my desk working on my script instead of blogging but as I said before guilt works for me. I should be feeling really bad by the time I’m done here and stay up half the night working on it. Or I can crank up the guilt quotient by working on this some more
It’s Ruby from the Jems collection ( I’m haven’t dumped the crossover sweater I’m only cheating on it. I have nearly finished the back piece but I thought progress shots of St st in black yarn wouldn’t be missed much. After the disappointment of Missy’s reaction to her sweater I think I will finish these two things for me before I start some other projects I have in mind for her.

Bring on the GUILT! = )

PS: I’ll post some yarn porn once my last order comes in.

She hates it

Well after a lot of pushing myself to finish what I started so I could see her cute smile and refusal to take off her hand made sweater. She. Hates. It. She would barely sit still so I could take a photo of it. I am totally crushed. I can’t remember a recent incident of having such hurt feelings over anything.

Why didn’t some one warn me? I have made scarves and hats for her, but this is the first sweater. And possibly the last. Sorry. No photos. I think I’ll go and cry silently now. ; (

Umm… Salmon

Okay so it may be early in this blogs life for non-knitting posts, BUT, I had thee best dinner last night. I didn’t realize how long we had gone without having salmon for dinner. I was stuffed and happy and unable to knit until well after digestion. Perhaps salmon and potatoes together are not the best idea. I had a huge piece of salmon, mashed red potatoes (skin on), and fresh steamed broccoli. Yum. I bought salad but didn’t eat any, I had already piled my plate so high I didn’t think it would fit. I was right. I couldn’t even make it to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink, the hubby did it for me ; ).

I promise to show some knitting tomorrow, but really who wants to see Missy’s sweater with one sleeve again, or the 2 inch progress in the crossover sweater? I will have some stash to show in a week or so however, so at least that will break the monotony of stockinette progress.

Till later.

A trip to M&J Trimming

After seeing this post at Tres Chic Veronique I decided I had to get to M&J Trimming. So today despite the terrible weather I went and spent twice what I budgeted on buttons for Missy’s sweater. I’m almost done with the first sleeve. I hope to be finished by Wednesday, we shall see. I think this is perhaps a little too optimistic seeing how I have never picked up stitches for a button band or sewn on buttons. That’s why it’s all about Knitology around here. We’ll see what grade I get for this lesson.

We have sleeve
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M&J Trimming buttons
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Taking advantage of the fact that I had a babysitter I followed up my trip to the city with a stop at the hair salon. Yay, I look like a person again ;). Now at least my hair doesn’t scream tired mother of two.

Blog, Take two (Knitology 101)

I thought I would formally post about renaming my blog, not that anyone is actually reading it ; ).I couldn’t think of a good name for my blog before. I settled on purpleskein because I love the color purple, but today I sat down and made a list of all of the things about knitting that I want to learn and realized that I would really be recording everything that I was learning as I learned it. Like my post about FINALLY understanding magic loop. So a name change was in order. Again, not that anyone actually reads this. Since I am ill prepared for a photo shoot here is the doll version of me studying harder the her real life counterpart ever has.

Knitology 101
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Networked Electronic Troubleshooting and Thorough Infiltration Entity

I am sort of a troubleshooter although I’m not to sure that I have ever thoroughly infiltrated anything. In knitting news I have picked up Missy’s sweater again and got started on those sleeves. I have been trying to get inspired to get moving on G’s socks but all of the great patterns going around the knitblogs are for women. If someone has a great pattern for a man please let me know. It would really be much easier for me to knit him socks. If I’m having this much trouble finishing a 5 year-old’s sweater I can’t imagine trying to make a sweater for a man wearing a 4 sometimes 5X sweater. Can you imagine the cost for the yarn alone? I would have to start knitting now to be done possibly the winter after next. Maybe he’ll let me make him a vest or something. Okay so any good dude socks for beginners and turtleneck vest’s for large men send them my way.

The start of something new

Look what happened yesterday! The start of a new project. Have I finished my other projects? Of course not. I still have the sleeves and the button bands on Missy’s sweater, and I haven’t even restarted G’s stalled socks. But I am eating turkey bacon, if that somehow makes this all better. Did everyone see Izzy and Grey knitting on Grey’s Anatomy yesterday. Look out I think the craft is going to get a boost after that.

Flash your Stash

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Flash your Stash
Originally uploaded by Lulu C..

Here it is. I have to say if any of us entertained the thought that we would win the yarn porn prize I urge you to go over to and check out Wendy’s Pic. I believe we have all been out flashed!